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Your Baby Week Ten (Two Months Old)


Updated May 20, 2014

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Week Ten Q&A - Baby's Eye Color
Will this baby's blue eyes stay blue, or turn green, hazel, or brown?

Will this baby's blue eyes stay blue, or turn green, hazel, or brown?

Photo © Liudmila Breusova
Q. When will my baby's eyes change color?

That is a common question from parents of infants.

Will their baby's eyes stay gray, which many babies are born with, or will they turn brown, green, or blue?

Most experts think that your baby's eye color will either stay the same or will darken over the first six to nine months of her life. So gray or blue eyes can turn brown, green, or hazel, but brown eyes likely won't lighten and become blue.

Unfortunately, you will likely just have to wait and see what they do.

Genetics and Eye Color

Another common question is how does a baby end up with blue eyes when both parents have brown eyes.

That can happen because the gene for blue eye color is recessive, which means that you need two genes for blue eyes to actually have blue eyes. On the other hand, the gene for brown eyes is dominant, so you only need one gene for brown eyes to have brown eyes. Therefore, if someone has one gene for blue eyes and one gene for brown eyes (we usually have two genes for most things like eye color, hair color, or height, getting one from each parent), the baby will have brown eyes.

But even if two parents have brown eyes, they could both have one gene for blue eyes. If they each pass this gene to their baby, then the baby will have two genes for blue eyes and will actually have blue eyes.

The gene for green eyes is also dominant over blue eye color, but is recessive to brown. So what color eyes could a baby have if one parent had green eyes and the other parent had brown eyes? Since the genetics of eye color is quite complex and poorly understood, the real answer is that the baby could have almost any eye color from hazel to blue.

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