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Bullying Prevention

Two school girls whispering and laughing at another girl, a form of bullying.

Have your kids ever been bullied? Is your own child a bully? Learn more about bullying and bullying prevention.

Pediatrics Spotlight10

More Anti-Vaccine Myths and Misinformation

Even more anti-vaccine myths and misinformation are explained and debunked to help you make the right decision and get your kids vaccinated.

Non-Evidence Based Treatments in Pediatrics

Non-evidenced based treatments haven't been proven to work, but from recommending sunlight to treat babies with jaundice to changing their formula every time a baby cries too much, some pediatricians get caught in the same trap as parents who just want to try something to see if it might help.

Current Outbreaks and Alerts

Information about the latest outbreaks of infectious disease, from hepatitis A to MERS, that could be a risk to your kids.

Child Safety Roundup

Review the child safety roundup and help raise awareness of just how common these childhood accidents and tragedies really are.


A vaccine search engine to help you do your research and debunk a lot of the myths and misinformation that keep parents from vaccinating their kids and protecting them from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Eight Questions about Vaccines

Although we know that some anti-vaccine folks want to delay or skip some vaccines, ask these 8 questions to see what they would do in these high-risk situations.

Anti-Vaccination Conspiracy Theories

Which anti-vaccine conspiracy theories do you believe in? That your doctor is a shill for Big-Pharma? That vaccines cause shaken baby syndrome? Or that vaccines make people gay?

Anti-Vaccine Myths and Misinformation

Help for parents wanting to do their research about immunizations and who are having trouble wading through all of the myths and misconceptions about vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, and vaccine safety.

Emerging Infections and Disease Outbreaks

Being aware of emerging infectious diseases, such as MERS-CoV, Ebola, and Zika fever, etc., can help to make sure that we don't miss the next global pandemic.

Autism Group Awareness

Do you know which autism groups and organizations advocate for all autistic people, focus on support and acceptance, and use evidence based interventions?

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