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When Can You Stop Burping Your Baby?

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Updated July 16, 2014

Mother Burping Baby
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Q. When can the baby burp on its own? My daughter is now 4 months old and I'm having trouble burping her, so what do you suggest? Christine, Austin, Texas

A. As you can see from our burping poll, the majority of parents stopped burping their babies when they were between 4 and 9 months old.

Although there is a wide range of ages at which babies stop burping, if your daughter is now 4 months old, and does fine without burping, then you likely can simply stop trying to burp her. It may be that she is just not swallowing much air as she eats anymore.

If you stop burping and she begins to have problems, such as having a lot of gas, spitting up often, or being fussy, then you may have to find a different way to burp her. For example, if you have been holding your baby upright against your chest or shoulder, you might try burping her while she sits upright on your lap, or while lying on your lap. Or you might even try a combination of these different positions during each burping session.

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