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Professional Help for Potty Training Problems

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Updated June 14, 2006

Q. What do you consider to be professional help when it comes to potty training? Eldon, Dyersburg, TN

A. It likely depends on what exactly is causing the problems potty training.

Among the professionals that could help you with potty training problems include:

  • your Pediatrician
  • a Developmental Pediatrician
  • an Occupational Therapist, especially if your child has some motor delays causing the potty training difficulty
  • a Child Psychologist, especially if your child is simply resistent to potty training
If you are having trouble potty training your child and need help, you could also call some of these types of specialists, describe your problem, and ask if they have experience helping or treating that type of problem.

Parents of children with special needs, like Down syndrome or autism, might also look for help from support groups of parents that have had to deal with the same issues.

And see our guide to potty training children with special needs for more information.

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