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Wal-Mart Generic Drug Plan
Review which medications are on the Wal-Mart Generic Drug Plan.

Shingles - Can kids get shingles?
My daughter was just diagnosed with shingles. She is only fourteen. Isn't shingles just something older people get? Can kids get shingles?

Is Mersa Contagious?
Learn about MRSA and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections and whether or not they are contagious.

Head Banging
Although distressing for parents, head banging at bedtime or in the middle of the night is usually normal for young children. Learn about the symptoms and treatments for children with head banging.

Protein Shakes for Kids
Review why protein supplements are not a good idea for kids, even those who are active in sports.

Are Vaccines Made In China?
I am concerned about all of the reports of problems with toys, pet food, and other products that are made in China. Are vaccines made in China?

Is Bronchitis Contagious?
Learn more about bronchitis, including the symptoms of bronchitis and whether or not bronchitis is contagious.

The Best Treatments for Poison Ivy
My kids get poison ivy a few times each year and, even with treatments, they still have an itchy rash for a few weeks. What are the best treatments for poison ivy?

The Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns
Learn why getting the birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine is so important for newborns, even if your baby isn't at high risk for a hepatitis B infection.

Diabetes Screening and Prevention
Can you prevent type 1 diabetes? My first child was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus when he was five years old. I just had a little girl. Is there anything I can do to reduce her odds of getting diabetes too?

Where Should Your Baby Sleep?
We are having a little trouble getting our baby to sleep unless we leave her in her car seat. Is that okay?

Umbilical Cord Care
Review how to care for your baby's umbilical cord, which is surprisingly a bit of a controversial subject

Preparing Baby Formula
Can you use warm or hot water from the tap to make your baby's formula? Since few babies like cold baby formula and you do usually have that extra step of warming the formula after you make it, using warm or hot water to start with from the tap does seem like it could save an extra step. You shouldn't do it though.

Moldy Foods and Food Safety
Is it safe to simply cut off the moldy parts of food and then eat them? My mother insists on cutting the moldy parts off of bread and other foods and feeding them to my preschooler. I don't think it is safe, but she says that she fed foods like that to me when I was growing up and I turned out just fine. Is this safe to do?

Swaddling a Baby
What are the risks and benefits of swaddling a baby? "Getting my baby to sleep through the night, and quickly comforting him when cries, was easy once I started swaddling him with a blanket. But friends have warned me that a baby can get addicted to swaddling and that I should stop soon so that he learns to comfort himself. Is that true?"

Traveling with a Newborn Baby
We are expecting a baby next month and would like to take a trip, likely by airplane, to visit family a few weeks after our baby is born. Can we travel with our newborn baby? Is it safe to let her fly on a plane?

A New Baby With Down Syndrome
Review what you can do to get information, advice, and support if you are a parent of a newborn baby with Down syndrome.

BCG TB Vaccine
Review whether or not your kids need to get vaccinated with the BCG or TB vaccine against tuberculosis.

Penicillin Allergies
My two-year-old developed a rash while taking antibiotics, does that mean he is allergic to it? He had a fever for three days, so his pediatrician put him on some penicillin. The next day, the fever was gone and he felt fine, but he had a rash all over his chest. Should he continue his antibiotic or should he change to a different one? Does that mean he is allergic to penicillin?

First Aid for Cat Bites and the Risk of Rabies
My preschooler was bitten by a stray cat in the neighborhood this afternoon. What should I do? Could he get rabies from a cat bite? Does he need antibiotics?

Gluten Free Mediations
My child is on a gluten free diet. He was recently prescribed an antibiotic for an ear infection and neither his pediatrician nor pharmacist seemed to know if there was gluten in his medication or if there were gluten free medications available. Is gluten a common ingredient in the medications that children take?

Baby's First Tooth
When should my baby get his first tooth?

Kids and Weightlifting
Can kids lift weights? My 11 year old son, who is very athletic, wants to begin lifting some free weights to help get more fit.

First Visit to the Doctor
I just brough my baby home from the hospital. When should she have her first visit with her pediatrician?

Breastfeeding and Flu Shots
Can I get a flu shot if I am breastfeeding?

Biting at Daycare
Review what you can do to help your toddler stop biting other children in daycare.

Black Tongue
My son has had a stomach ache for a few days. It was mild and I wasn't too worried about it, but this morning he woke up with a black tongue. He otherwise seems fine, but I have never seen anything like it. What could be wrong with him?

Eczema and Food Allergies
My 5 month old has extreme eczema. He was lactose intolerant early on, and even lactose free formulas caused him distress, so I switched him to soy. That worked great, but now he is breaking out with eczema all over again. Can soy do this? Should I switch him back to lactose free?

Flu Shot Shortages
Why is there a shortage of flu shots for children who are 3 years to 9 years old? I have a 4 year old with asthma. I've contacted my pediatrician, but they have no answer... What are the drug companies saying?

Flu Shot Questions and Answers
Review whether or not you can actually get the flu from the flu shot.

Allergy Testing - Testing Kids for Allergies
Review when kids can and should have allergy testing done, including allergy skin tests or the RAST allergy blood test.

Alternative Autism Treatments
My 2 1/2 year old was recently diagnosed with autism by a Developmental Pediatrician, who suggested that we return to our Pediatrician to discuss treatment options. He was born with gastroschisis, and I am concerned that he might have a Vitamin B6 or Vitamin B12 deficiency as a cause of his autism, since I have read that many children with autism do have GI problems. My Pediatrician isn't familiar with vitamin therapy for autism though. What should I do?

When Should a Baby Stand?
When should a baby stand?

Kids and Restless Leg Syndrome
Can kids get restless leg syndrome?

When to Give a Baby Juice
When can I start giving my baby juice?

Are Head Lice Contagious?
I received a letter that some kids at school are infected with head lice. Should I be worried about my child having lice?

Baby Sunscreen
When can I start using sunscreen on my baby to protect her from the sun?

Sunscreen Mistakes vs Sunscreen Immunity
Review whether a child who gets very tanned when using sunscreen is immune to sunscreen or if they are just making common sunscreen mistakes.

Zofran for Vomiting
Review the use of Zofran in children with gastroenteritis or vomiting from the stomach flu.

Paying for Allergy Medications
My 25 month old toddler has allergies and was recently prescribed Zyrtec syrup. The samples the doctor gave us worked great, but our insurance doesn't cover this medication or any other prescription antihistamines and the prescription is going to cost us $60 a month. What else can we do, as we can't afford to pay full price for the Zyrtec and OTC Claritin didn't work?

Benadryl when Flying with Kids
Can I give my kids Benadryl to help them sleep when we fly? We are planning a cross-country airplane trip this summer and I am worried that my kids might not do well on the plane.

Avoiding Poison Ivy
Learn to avoid and treat poison ivy exposures with your kids, including using products like Zanfel, Tecnu, and Ivy-Block.

Booster Seats and Harness Straps
My 3 1/2 year old daughter is 33 pounds. Can we move her into a belt positioning booster seat, instead of a car seat or booster seat with harness straps?

My doctor often prescribes the antibiotic Amoxil when my kids are sick. Shouldn't he be using something stronger?

Pill Identification
Review how to identify pills that you might find in your teen's pockets, especially if you suspect that they might be abusing drugs.

Kids and Flavored Water
Review whether or not you should allow your kids to drink flavored water, such as Propel Fitness Water.

Flu Shots and the Bird Flu
Learn more about the bird flu or H7N9 strain of avian influenza and whether or not your child will be protected from it by getting a seasonal flu shot.

Treating Head Lice
Review whether head lice might be causing a child to have an itchy scalp and white things attached to her hair.

Noxzema and Eczema
Review whether or not Noxzema would be a good moisturizer for children with eczema and which other moisturizers might make better choices.

Pepto-Bismol and Kids
Review whether or not you can give your kids Pepto-Bismol when your kids have stomach problems, such as indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn, or nausea.

Flu Shot Reactions and Side Effects
Review some of the common symptoms of flu shot reactions and side effects, including fever, muscle aches, and malaise or simply not feeling good.

Babies and Meconium Stools
Learn more about meconium, transitional stools, milk stools, and what you should expect from your babies bowel movements if she is breastfeeding or drinking a baby formula.

Immunizations and Hurricane Katrina
What is going to happen to all of the children who lost their shot records because of Hurricane Katrina? Will they have to have all of their vaccines over again?

Checking Your Child's Fever at Night
Review whether or not you should wake up your toddler to check his temperature or give him a fever reducer, such as Tylenol or Motrin, to treat his fever when he is sleeping.

Febrile Seizures
Learn more about febrile seizures, which are seizures that are triggered by a fever and are common in young children.

Getting Your Baby to Sleep
Review how to help your baby sleep well by swaddling on why you shouldn't let your baby fall asleep on your chest, since he may fall.

Constipation, Accidents and Bedwetting
Review if constipation can be a trigger for recurrent UTIs, bedwetting, wetting accidents during the day, and soiling, in a young girl.

Periodic Breathing
Review what might cause a baby to have periods of fast breathing and 'little shocks' when he is sleeping.

Styes and Eyelid Bumps
Review what could cause a pimple like bump on a child's eyelid, such as a stye or chalazion.

Making Bath Time Fun
Review what to do when your older infant doesn't want to take a bath anymore, including tips to make bath time fun.

Chocolate Tea
Review whether chocolate tea might have any health benefits for a young child.

Growth Spurts
Learn whether a baby might be going through a growth spurt if he wants to eat more frequently.

Wetting Accidents and Sibling Rivalry
Review what to do if your preschool age child begins having wetting accidents, and if a new baby might be the reason for the child's regression in potty training.

The Importance of the Hepatitis B Vaccine
Since Hepatitis B is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease or STD, why does my baby need to get the Hepatitis B vaccine?

Infants with Mononucleosis
Review the symptoms of mononucleosis in infants and young children.

Perioral Dermatitis
Review what might cause a child to get a red, scaly rash on the skin around her mouth, including perioral dermatitis from the chronic use of steroid creams on the face.

Taste and Medication Side Effects
Review what might cause a child to say his mouth burns whenever he takes a cold medicine.

Stopping Vomiting and Diarrhea
Review frequently asked questions about children with diarrhea and vomiting, including causes, how to stop it, and whether or not you should give your sick child flat Coke or 7 UP.

Diagnosing Genetic Syndromes
Review when you should suspect a chromosomal disorder or genetic syndrome when a child has multiple problems.

Breastfeeding and Elimination Diets
Review whether something mom is eating or something a breastfeeding toddler is eating could cause coughing and vomiting.

Regurgitating Food and Reflux
Review why a teen girl might be regurgitating her food on a regular basis.

Late Talkers and Essential Fatty Acids
Review how to give your child who is a late talker supplements of essential fatty acids, such as DHA and ARA.

Treatments for Diarrhea
Review some of the common treatments for when children have diarrhea.

Head Lice Home Remedies
Review the symptoms of head lice infestations and get information about some of the natural remedies and home remedies for treating head lice.

Infant Obesity and Healthy Eating Habits
Review healthy eating habits for infants and how to tell if a baby is gaining weight too fast and is overweight.

Saving Money on Adderall Prescriptions
Review how you can save money on your child's Adderall XR to treat his ADHD.

Penile Adhesions and a 'Bad Circumcision'
Review what to do when a baby has penile adhesions after a circumcision.

Early Signs of Hunger and Breastfeeding
Review the early signs of hunger so that you are breastfeeding your baby when he is hungry and not waiting until he is crying.

Alcohol and Breastfeeding
Can I have a glass of wine or a beer if I am breastfeeding?

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse
Review some of the signs of child abuse that can alert you when a child is being abused.

Babies and Anemia
Review some reasons why a baby might need to take an iron supplement for anemia.

Antibiotics for a Green Runny Nose?
Review whether or not a baby needs antibiotics when they have the flu and green mucus.

Scaly Scalp Rash
Review what might cause a school aged child to have a white scaly rash on his scalp.

Sturge-Weber syndrome
Review what might cause a baby to have facial paralysis and a port wine stain.

Strep Throat Symptoms
Review the symptoms of strep throat and when you should see your Pediatrician if your child has a sore throat.

Normal Breathing Rates
Review what the normal breathing rate is for a toddler and what might cause a child to have fast breathing.

Plaquenil and Breastfeeding
Review whether it is safe to take plaquenil for systemic rheumatoid arthritis while breastfeeding.

Chronic Sinus Problems
Review whether a move might help relieve chronic sinus problems.

Potty Training Question
Review why a toddler might want to use the potty only when daddy is home.

Shakes and Seizures
Review what might cause a child to have the 'shakes,' including different types of seizures.

Adderall XR Drug Warning
Review the latest warnings about Adderall XR for treating children with ADHD and the risk of sudden death.

Soy Baby Formula and Phytoestrogens
Review when a baby should and should not be given a soy based formula.

Natural Treatments for Constipation
Review natural treatments to treat a child with constipation.

Temperament and a Shy Child
Review what to do about a child who is very shy, cautious, apprehensive to try new things, and moves at a very slow pace.

Soda and Chocolate Milk for Infants
Review whether you should give an infant diet soda or chocolate flavored milk.

Wrong Diagnosis and the Overuse of Antibiotics
Review whether or not a doctor made a mistake in not diagnosing and treatinga 'bad chest infection' with antibiotics.

Is Shingles Contagious?
Learn if you can catch chickenpox from a person with shingles.

Toddler Bedtime Routines and Rituals
Review good and bad toddler bedtime routines and rituals.

Toddler's Diarrhea
Review what you can do to help your toddler who is having regular diarrhea.

Toddlers, Iron, and Vitamins
Learn about good sources or iron for your toddler, including an iron fortified toddler formula, other foods that have a lot of iron, and vitamins with iron.

Chronic Abdominal Pain
Review what might cause a child to have abdominal pain for over 6 months.

Labial Adhesions
Learn how to treat labial adhesions in prepubertal girls.

Urate Crystals in a Baby's Diaper
Review what might cause a baby to have what appears to be blood in her diaper.

Toddlers, Naps and Sleep
Learn more about toddler sleep issues, including how long they should sleep at night and during daytime naps.

Kids and Bad Breath
Review what might cause a child to have bad breath.

Infants and Eggs
Review whether or not an 11 month old infant can eat scrambled eggs.

When To Call Your Pediatrician for a Fever
Review when you should call your Pediatrician when your infant, toddler, or older child has a fever.

Toddler Low Fat Diets
Review why a toddler should not drink low fat milk before they are two years old.

Children and the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
Review the symptoms of hypothyroidism in children.

Handwashing in Day Care
Learn about whether it is safe and healthy for day care workers to use a common washcloth when cleaning up after their kids.

Boys and Eating Disorders
Review how to recognize and a possible eating disorder in a teenage boy who is a health nut and can't get skinny enough.

Treatments for Vomiting and Diarrhea
Review how to take care of your child with diarrhea and vomiting and how to tell if they are getting dehydrated.

Bathing and Showering Together
Review when parents and children should stop bathing or showering together.

Normal Newborn Weight Gain
Review how much weight a newborn baby should gain during their first few weeks of life.

Pink Eye and Day Care
Learn more about pink eye and the complications of this common infection.

Childhood Ages and Stages
Learn about the common definitions of childhood ages and stages.

Infants, Yogurt and Milk
Review when you can introduce your baby to yogurt and other milk based products.

Bottle Feeding Problems
Review what might cause a baby to scream when she starts to drink a bottle of baby formula.

Toddler Sleep and Bottle Issues
Review the 'problem' of a toddler who sleeps with his mom and drinks a bottle before bed.

Frequent Infections and Nasal Draininge
Review what to do about a teen with frequent infections and nasal drainage, including getting an evaluation for chronic sinus infections and/or allergies.

Losing the First Baby Teeth
A discussion of a child who has lost her first baby tooth.

Reducing Your Child's Fever
Review how to lower your child's temperature when they have a fever, especially when they won't take medicine, such as Tylenol or Motrin.

Infants with Constipation
Review what to do about a 7 week old infant who needs a suppository to have a bowel movement and how to treat constipation in this baby who is breastfeeding and being supplemented with formula.

Infants with Diarrhea
Review what might cause four month old infant to have diarrhea for several weeks.

Mongolian Spots
Learn more about Mongolian Spots, a birthmark that looks like a bruise.

Seizures and Infantile Spasms
Learn more about the diagnosis and evaluation for a child with possible seizures or infantile spasms.

Hirschsprung's Disease
Review the case of an infant with difficulty passing stools and possible Hirschsprung's Disease.

Motrin, Blindness, and Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Review the latest information about Motrin possibly causing a child to have Stevens Johnson Syndrome and blindness.

How Fast Does Adderral XR Work?
Review how quickly you might seen an improvement after a child with ADHD starts taking Adderall XR.

Review what might be causing a 2 year old to be constipated.

Baby Formula Slowdown
Review what might cause a five month old baby to start drinking less baby formula.

When Can You Stop Burping Your Baby?
Review when you can stop burping your baby and the different positions that you can use to burp a baby.

Knee Pain
Review what might be causing an athletic teen to have knee pain after playing and practicing basketball.

Jaundice and Symptoms of Hepatitis
Review what might cause an infant to be jaundice and have vomiting, including having an infection with Hepatitis A.

Am I In Trouble?
Review what to do about a six year old who seems to be getting in trouble on purpose.

Getting an Evaluation for Marfan Syndrome
Review what type of doctor should evaluate your child for Marfan syndrome.

Adderall on the Weekends and ADHD Drug Holidays
Review whether or not you have to give your child with ADHD his medicine on the weekends or if he can take a break.

Mixing Baby Formula Brands
Are all baby formulas the same and can a baby be fed different kinds at the same time?

An intussusception is a common cause of intestinal obstruction in younger children, causing colicky pain, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Review the symptoms and treatments for intussusception.

Repeating Vaccines and Missed Vaccines
Review what you should do if your child has missed a vaccine or if you lose her immunization record.

Diabetes Symptoms
Review the problem of having sugar or glucose in your urine, or glucosuria, which is one of the signs of diabetes.

Sleeping With The Lights On
Review why a child might not sleep well if she sleeps with a bright light on that may inhibit the production of melatonin.

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms
Review the symptoms of a urinary tract infection and what might cause a child to urinate frequently.

Cold Induced Urticaria
Review what might cause someone to have a rash and facial swelling after going out into the cold.

Starting To Use Deodorant and Controlling BO
Learn how to control a child's body odor and at what age you should start using deodorant.

Preventing Migraine Headaches
Review when your child should take a prophylactic medication, like Periactin or Elavil, to prevent her migraine headaches.

Grunting, Sighing, and Asthma
Review what might cause a child to have a grunting pattern of breathing, including asthma, other lung problem, or inhaling a foreign object, like a peanut.

Baby Food Stages and Steps
Review the ages, stages, and steps, at which your baby can eat each type of baby food.

Not Making Tears and Dehydration
Review some of the reasons for why an infant might not be making tears yet.

Birth Control Pills and Getting Pregnant
Expert Q & A. How long will it take to get pregnant after stopping birth control pills?

Carotenemia and Yellow Colored Skin
Review why an infant's skin might be yellow, such as by eating too many fruits and vegetables that are high in carotene.

Infant Feeding Guidelines
Review these infant feeding guidelines so that you know how much formula and solid foods your baby should be eating and drinking.

Fussy Babies and Shaking Movements
Review what to do about a breastfed baby who is fussy and is making some shaking arm movements.

Naps and Sleep
Review how long your kids should sleep each day and how to encourage them to take naps during the day.

Getting a Second Opinion
Review how to get a second opinion for your child when specialists don't agree on what is wrong with your child.

Poisonous Plants
Learn about houseplants and plants in your landscape that could harm or poison your kids.

Supplementing With Formula
Learn what to do to help your breastfeeding baby get weaned from formula supplements.

Fears in Preschool Aged Children
Review what do about a preschooler with fears of being along and away from his parents.

Radiation in Cancer Treatment
Expert Q&A. Can a child who lives in a house with a patient that is recieving radiation for lung cancer be affected in anyway, and if so, how could it harm him?

Children and Sleep
Review some tips to help a five year old who is not eating or sleeping well and has a very late bedtime.

Diaper Rash
Review the common causes of diaper rashes in infants, what might cause a persistant rash, and tips to prevent and treat your child's diaper rash.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Review what might cause a teenager to have fatigue, weight loss, bloody diarrhea, and abdominal pain, including conditions like celiac diease, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's diseae.

Strep Throat Symptoms
Review why a child being treated with antibiotics for strep throat might start coughing.

Potty Training Problems - Not Pooping on the Potty
Review what you should do if your child won't poop on the potty, even if she otherwise seems potty trained.

Prolonged Fever - Fever of Unknown Origin
Review what to do about a child who has a prolonged fever and is not getting any better.

Can You Catch Diabetes?
Learn whether or not you can catch diabetes.

Carbofed DM To Treat Colds And Allergies
Carbofed DM is a popular prescription strength cough and cold medicine that includes an antihistamine, decongestant, and cough suppressant. It is used to treat children with colds or allergies who are sneezing, coughing, and/or have a runny nose and congestion.

Gross Toddler Behaviors
How to stop and discourage gross and disturbing toddler behaviors.

Review the ways that a child can get rabies.

Childhood Obesity
My daughter is 4ft and she is 8 years old and 4 mon and she weighs 69lbs. Is she overweight and should I be doing something about it if she is?

Heel Pain and Sever's Disease
Learn more about Sever's disease, a common cause of heel pain in athletic children.

Is My Daughter Constipated?
My daughter only has a bowel movement once or twice a week. Is she constipated?

When can I start to leave my kids home alone?
Many kids are left home alone after school until a parent comes home from work. Learn about when you can safely start to leave your kids home alone.

A Vomiting Toddler
Review what might cause a toddler to vomit a few times a week for several months.

ABO Incompatibility
Learn about what happens when a mother and baby have different bloods or an ABO Incompatibility.

Constipation and Fear of Using the Potty
Learn what to do about a constipated preschooler who eats a lot of junk food and cheese and is afraid to go to the bathroom.

Review what might cause a child to have a ringing sound in his ear.

Lactose Intolerance
Review what might cause a child to have a stomach ache and a poor appetite after being treating for a severe rotavirus infection.

Learn what to do about a school aged child who is having soiling accidents and may have encopresis.

Window Safety and Preventing Falls
Learn how to prevent falls out of open windows by installing window guards, wedges, or stops.

Migraine Headaches
Learn more about the different types of migraines that children can have.

Choosing a Doctor for Older Children
Review the issue of what type of doctor should see your older child.

Choosing A Doctor
What are the benefits of seeing a Pediatrician instead of a General Practitioner or 'family' doctor?

Learn where you can find Pediarix so that your infant has to get fewer shots at each doctor visit.

Fruit Juice
Review whether or not your child needs to drink fruit juice.

Cryptorchidism - Undescended Testicle
Learn about the management and treatment of babies with cryptorchidism or undescended testicles.

Learn what might cause a baby's forehead to bulge or for his head to be misshapened.

Amount of Formula Feedings
Review how much formula your baby should be eating at each feeding.

Coping with a Diagnosis of Autism
Review how a parent might be in denial that their child has autism or other developmental problem and how to help them cope with the diagnosis.

Excessive Sweating
Review what might be causing excessive sweating in a young child.

Baby Acne
Review the causes and treatments for baby acne.

Eating Pomegranate Seeds
Review whether it is safe to eat pomegranate seeds.

Nosebleeds and Headaches
Review what might cause a child to have nosebleeds and headaches, including anemia and high blood pressure.

Rib Fractures
Review what may cause a baby to have rib fractures, including birth trauma, child abuse, rickets, osteogenesis imperfecta, and accidental injuries.

Breath Holding Spells
Learn about breath holding spells, in which children cry and then pass out, usually in response to pain, anger, or frustration.

Laxatives and Constipation
Review common treatments for children with constipation, including the use of laxatives and stool softeners.

Nestle NAN Baby Formula
We just came back from Guatemala with our adopted daughter who is 6 months old. They were giving her Nestle NAN infant formula. Does Nestle have NAN formula in the US?

Bad Habits and Fidgeting At School
Learn what to do about bad habits that children may have, such as fidgeting at school, biting their nails, or twirling their hair.

Picky Eaters
Learn about how to cope with a child who is a picky eater.

Baby Gender Prediction
Learn how you can predict the gender of your baby and tell if you are having a boy or girl.

Care of the Uncircumsized Penis
Learn about the proper care of an uncircumcised or intact penis, including when the foreskin should be retracted and about proper hygeine.

Preschool Sleep Disorders
Review what a three year old might have problems sleeping through the night and taking naps.

Chronic Cough
Review possible causes of a chronic cough in a toddler, including infections, allergies, asthma, and reflux.

Sensory Integration Disorder
Review why a child might be touching other children a lot, including have ADHD or Sensory Integration Disorder.

Brachial Plexus Injuries
Learn more about Brachial Plexus Injuries and how they are treated.

Epstein's Pearls
Read about what might be causing a white bump on an infant's gums.

Travel Cribs
Learn about travel cribs and playards and whether or not they are safe for your baby to sleep in when you are traveling with your newborn and infant.

Daycare Syndrome and Frequent Infections
Learn about frequent infections in children that attend daycare and what the signs of a primary immunodeficiency or immune system problem might be.

Blood In Stools and Breastfeeding
Review what might be causing a breastfed baby to have blood in his stools.

Tremors And Shakes
Review what may be causing a child's hands to shake, including a familial or essential tremor.

Leukocoria And Retinoblastoma
Review what might cause a white reflex in a child's pupil in a picture, including retinoblastoma and cataracts.

Keratosis Pilaris
Learn what may be causing a rash on a child's cheeks.

Frequent Feedings and Fussy Babies
Learn what you should do if you have a baby that never gets to sleep, seems like he can't get enough to eat, and is never satisfied.

Growth Hormone To Make Kids Taller
Review whether a normally growing child should take growth hormone to make him even taller.

A Child Refusing To Eat And Drink
Review what might cause a child to refuse to eat and drink and lose weight.

Congestion Triggered by Changes in the Weather
Review why a child may have congestion that is triggered by changes in the weather and if it might be caused by allergies, asthma, or just a cold virus.

Potty Training Resistance
Review what you should do when your child is resistant to potty training.

Forms of Albuterol and RSV
Learn about the different forms of albuterol, including oral syrup, nebulized solution, and metered dose inhaler, and which is best to treat kids with bronchiolitis.

Strabismus and Developmental Delays
Review what could cause developmental delays in a child who also has strabismus.

Problems Supplementing With Baby Formula
Review the symptoms of a food allergy in a breastfeeding infant that is being supplemented with baby formula.

Consequences of Head Injuries
Learn about the consequences of a head or brain injury and what you can do to help your child who may now have learning and behavioral problems.

Food Allergies and Fish Sticks
Could vomiting after eating fish sticks be a sign of a food allergy?

Potty Training Regression and Problems
Learn what to do when your potty trained child regresses, for example by having accidents or bowel movements on the floor.

Cold Symptoms vs. Sinusitis
I have a 1 year old son and he started off with just clear runny nose and sneezing, and by the night time I noticed the mucus was green coming out of his nose. He has no other symptoms. Should I be concerned about taking him in the doctor or is there something I could give him over-the-counter?

ADHD in Preschool Age Children
Review whether or not a preschool age child who has a short attention span and is hyperactive has ADHD or if these are just normal behaviors at this age.

Symptoms Of Hand Foot Mouth Disease
Review the symptoms of hand foot mouth disease.

Baby Formula Choices - Is Store Brand Infant Formula OK?
Which baby formula for your infant will meet all of his nutritional requirements?

ADHD Medications Not Working
Review what to do if your child's ADHD medications, like Adderall, Concerta, or Strattera, isn't working to control his hyperactivity.

Risks of Drinking Too Much Milk
Review the risks of a toddler drinking too much milk, including becoming constipated, overweight, underweight, or developing iron deficiency anemia.

Overweight Toddlers and Obesity
Review the risk factors for obesity in a toddler and whether or not a tall toddler is really overweight.

Flu Shots for Infants and Rationing Flu Shots
Review whether a healthy 11 month old should get a flu shot, even if she stays home, isn't in daycare, and has no chronic medical problems.

Infant Reflux and Spitting Up
Review what you should do if your infant is having difficulty breathing and may have gastroesophageal reflux.

Exercise Induced Asthma
Learn what to do for a child with seasonal allergies who is also having attacks with coughing and wheezing after exercise.

Early Signs of Autism
Learn more about the early signs of autism and what you should do when you have concerns about your child's development.

Warming Infant Formula Bottles
Review when you can stop warming your baby's infant formula bottles and why you shouldn't use a microwave oven to heat your baby's bottles.

Skipping a Dose of Adderall
Question of the Week. Is it okay for my child to miss any dose of adderall?

Knock Knees
Learn more about knock knees, or genu valgum, which is common in younger children.

Night Terrors
Review why a child who may be having night terrors keeps screaming and crying for his mommy, even though she is right there with him.

Pacifiers and Finger Sucking
Review why an infant might be sucking on her fists and fingers even though she was getting enough to eat.

Infants and Self Induced Vomiting
A discussion of an infant who makes herself gag and vomit and what you can do to help her stop or at least not reinforce it to continue.

Infrequent Voiding and Possible Symptoms of Dehydration
Review the problem of a toddler who is only having one wet diaper each day and possible causes, including a voiding dysfunction, potty training problems, and constipation.

Infant Reflux and Spitting Up
Review what you should do if your infant is spitting up his formula and has gastroesophageal reflux.

Water for Babies and How Advice Changes Over Time
Review why babies don't need to drink extra water and how advice can change from when someone took care of their daughter to now taking care of their granddaughter.

Infants, Honey and Botulism
When can kids start eating honey and not have to worry about being at risk for botulism?

Bipolar Disorder and Children
Get information about children with bipolar disorder, including what medications are used as treatment, including stimulants, mood stabilzers, and atypical antipsychotics.

Infants, Tears and Crying
Review when infants should start crying real tears.

Professional Help for Potty Training Problems
Question of the Week. What do you consider to be professional help when it comes to potty training?

Infant Cold and Cough Medicines
Learn what medicine you can give an infant with a cough.

Stopping Breastfeeding Before a Year
Review what you should do if you stop breastfeeding your infant before they are twelve months old.

Switching to Whole Milk
Learn about how to change your child from an infant formula to whole cow's milk so that she continues to get enough calcium in her diet.

Developmental Delays and Early Childhood Intervention
Learn what to do when you are concerned about your child's development or if you think that they have a developmental delay.

Symptoms of Growing Pains
Review the symptoms of growing pains and other causes of leg pain in young children.

Kids and Milk
Review when you should change kids from whole milk to low fat milk.

Frequent Nosebleeds and Children
Learn what to do if your child is having frequent nosebleeds.

ADHD Medications - Question of the Week
A discussion of the medications that can be used to treat children with ADHD, including stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall, Strattera, and second line medications, including antidepressants, clonidine, and guanfacine.

Pica - Question of the Week
Learn more about pica, an eating disorder in which children eat non-food substances, like rocks, paper, and cardboard.

Infant CPR and Calling 911
If you have to give an infant CPR, is it best to call 911 first or start CPR immediately and call 911 later?

Breakfast at School - Question of the Week
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how much time should kids be given to eat their breakfast?

Cow's Milk Allergies - Question of the Week
A discussion of a baby who may be allergic to milk because of a diaper rash and several instances of vomiting after drinking a cow's milk based formula.

Breastfeeding and Constipation - Question of the Week
Review a 'problem' of a breastfed infant who is only having bowel movements every five or six days.

Congenital Torticollis - Question of the Week
Discussion of a five month old with a hard mass in his neck, limited motion, and a likely diagnosis of torticollis.

Do Children's Night Lights Cause Cancer?
Is it okay for my child to go to sleep with a night light? I have heard reports that using a night light can cause cancer or make it more likely that he will grow up and need glasses. Is that true?

Lead Poisoning Risks from Lead Paint
In lead poisoning questionnaires, they always list as risk factors for a child having lead poisoning as living or spending a lot of time in a home built before 1950 or if it was built before 1978 and is being remodeled. Why the differences? If I live in a home built before 1978 and it isn't being remodeled, are my kids at risk for lead poisoning?

Kids, Teens and Contact Lenses
My nine year old doesn't want to wear her glasses and is already asking to have contact lenses like her older sister. At what age can kids start wearing contact lenses?

State Car Seat Laws and What's Safe
My pediatrician said that I should keep my five year old in a booster seat, but I think that the state car seat law here in Texas says that kids only have to ride in a car seat up until they are four years old. Who is right?

Safe Traveling with your Infant and Toddler
We are taking a trip soon to visit family and don't want to take a lot of supplies, like a crib or high chair. Can we use a playpen and hook-on chair as an alternative for our 15 month

Do Babies have Sinuses?
My 5 month old was just diagnosed with a sinus infection and put on antibiotics, but my friends all tell me that my baby doesn't even have sinuses yet. Does she?

Preventing Childhood Infections
I think I have a bad cold virus. How do I keep my wife and new baby from getting sick too?

Prozac for Kids
I noticed that the FDA just approved treating kids with Prozac. I am a bit surprised, as my child is taking Prozac already. Why was he prescribed a medicine that wasn't FDA approved to be used in children?

OTC Claritin for Allergies
My daughter has allergies. Will it be a good thing for us that Claritin is going to be available over-the-counter without a doctor's prescription?

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips
We are preparing to decorate our house for the holidays. Do you have any safety tips to protect our kids?

What Do I Do When My Kids Are Sick?
Learn what to do I do when your kids are sick with common childhood symptoms, like diarrhea, vomiting, fever, wheezing, coughing, or a barking cough from croup.

How do I protect my kids from lead poisoning?
Our house is about 15 years old and I know that living in an older house is a risk factor for lead poisoning. What do I have to do to protect my children from being poisoned with lead?

Is it a Cold or Allergies?
My 9 year old has had a runny nose, sneezing and a cough for several weeks now. He doesn't have a fever and otherwise seems well. Does he just have a cold or could it be allergies?

Where are my antibiotics?
My son has had a green runny nose for three days. I took him to a new Pediatrician today and for the first time, I left without a prescription for an antibiotic. Doesn't he need an antibiotic to clear up his sinus infection? How come my last doctor always gave us a prescription?

Do My Kids Need a Flu Shot?
I know that flu season is coming. Do my kids needs a flu shot?

Pets and Allergies in Children
I am expecting my first baby in a few months. We have two dogs that live in the house. Do I have to get rid of the dogs before the baby gets here? Will they make my baby more likely to develop allergies if he is around animals at a young age?

Why Don't Antibiotics Work Anymore?
With recent ear and sinus infections, my son has had to be on 2 or 3 different antibiotics to get rid of each infection. Why don't antibiotics work anymore? And does it matter which antibiotic my child takes?

Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children
I need to buy a new car seat for my child. Should I get one with LATCH? Will it work with my older car?

Bottled Water - Is it Better Than Tap Water for your Kids?
Question of the Week. Is bottled water better than tap water for my children?

Sports Physical Exams
Question of the Week. My teen needs a sport's physical before he can play football this fall. Should I go to his Pediatrician or is it just as good to let them do the team physical at school?

Vaccine Shortage Update
Question of the Week. My kids missed some shots this past year because of the shortages. Can they get their shots now?

Sun Safety for Your Kids
Question of the Week. When can I start using sunscreen on my baby to protect her from the sun?

Preventing Food Allergies
Question of the Week. My son has a severe allergy to peanuts. I am now pregnant with my second child. Is there anything I can do to prevent my baby from also developing allergies?

Kids' Travel Health Requirements
Question of the Week. We are planning a missionary trip to Guatemala this summer. Do my kids need any special shots or medications before we leave?

What to do about red stools?
Question of the Week. My 9 month old has been on Omnicef for an ear infection for 4 days. She is much better, but she now has red stools. Is it blood? Should I stop the antibiotic?

ADHD Medicines During Summertime?
Question of the Week. My 8 year old has ADHD, inattentive type and she is doing very well on Concerta. Does she need to continue taking her ADHD medicine all summer when she is out of school, or can I give her a break from it?

Is it a sinus infection?
Question of the Week. My 6 year old has a runny nose. Does that mean that he has a sinus infection?

Fruits and Vegetables
Question of the Week. How many fruits and vegetables should my 3 and 8 year old children be eating each day?

Controlling Eczema with a Daily Bath?
Question of the Week. My son has ecema and it is fairly hard to control. Can I give him a bath each day?

Can Kids Get Depressed?
Question of the Week. My daughter's grades are dropping and she doesn't like going to school (3rd grade). She doesn't have any close friends and seems sad a lot. Is she too young to be depressed?

Aren't Vaccines Dangerous?
Question of the Week. Why does my daughter need to get shots? Aren't vaccines dangerous? This is a great question to help observe National Infant Immunization Week, an annual observance that highlights the importance of timely immunization.

Is my child constipated?
My daughter only has a bowel movement once or twice a week. Is she constipated?

Is my short child normal?
Question of the Week. My son is 11 years old and is only 4 foot 5 inches tall. Is that normal? My wife is 5 foot and I (his dad) am 5 foot 8 inches tall.

Is my child growing normally?
My Pediatrician measures my infant's height, weight and head circumference at each well child visit. How can I look at these numbers and see if my child is growing normally?

How many eggs can kids eat?
I am worried about my kids also getting high cholesterol. Should I let them eat eggs? How many eggs can my kids eat each week?

Is it safe to eat fish?
I am pregnant and have heard warnings about eating fish. Is it safe to eat fish while I am expecting? Is it safe for my toddler to eat tuna fish?

Should I have my baby circumcised?
We are expecting a son in a few months. Should I have him circumcised?

National Child Passenger Safety Week
My 5 year old thinks he is ready for seatbelts. When can I stop using a carseat or booster seat?

Milk and Calcium Requirements
Does my toddler need to drink milk?

Breastfeeding and Drugs
I have terrible migraines that are incompacitating. My doctor has prescribed Imitrex (sumatriptan succinate), but I am afraid to take it because I am breastfeeding. Is Imitrex safe to take while breastfeeding?

Tylenol vs. Motrin/Advil
Which is best for your children's fever?

Are Head Lice Contagious?
What to do if your children are exposed to head lice.

When Can I Leave My Kids Home Alone?
Many kids are left home alone after school until a parent comes home from work. Learn about when you can safely start to leave your kids home alone.

What Should You Do When Your Child Has A Fever?
What should you do when your child has a fever?

Why Do My Kids Get Sick So Much?
My kids seem like they are always sick. How do I keep them from getting sick so often?

When Should You Start Potty Training?
When should you start potty training? Most children are ready to begin potty training once they are 18 months to 3 years old.

When Should Puberty Start?
Learn about when your child should start puberty.

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