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Is your child sleeping through the night? Find help and advice to prevent and correct common sleep problems for children, including bedtime battles, night time awakenings, night terrors, and sleepwalking.
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Ferber Method Experiences - I Solved My Child's Sleep Problems
Review one parents very good experiences with the Ferber Method after his toddler developed sleep problems she picked up after a family vacation and refusal to return to her toddler bed.

Sleep - Children's Sleep Needs
Before you can know if your child is getting enough sleep, it can help to know children's sleep needs and recognize symptoms of being sleep deprived.

The Ferber Method - Dr. Ferber's Sleep Book
Learn more about the Ferber Method, which unlike many misconceptions parents have about it, is not simply a "cry it out" approach to getting your baby to sleep. Instead, like some "no cry" methods, Dr. Ferber's methods will help you teach your baby go to sleep and sleep all night without crying or with a minimum of crying.

Kids and Bedtime Routines
Whether you have an infant, toddler, kindergartner, or preteen, a good bedtime routine can be the difference between good sleep habits and a lot of sleepless nights. Learn some do's and don'ts of a good bedtime routine for your kids.

Baby Sleep Schedules
Review the changes in baby sleep schedules from newborns to older infants so that you know what to expect and when your baby should be sleeping through the night.

Insomnia and Children
Like adults, children with insomnia either have trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, or are simply not well rested after what should be a normal amount of time sleeping. Learn about common causes and treatments of childhood insomnia.

Children's Sleep Quiz
Take our children's sleep quiz to see if your kids are getting a good night's sleep.

Baby's Sleep Problems
Learn how much sleep your five-month-old should be getting, whether she should be sleeping through the night, and how to fix common sleep problems.

Healthy Sleep Habits for Special Needs Kids
Review tips to help your special needs child with autism, ADHD, or depression, etc., get a good night's sleep.

Solving Naptime Problems
Learn how to solve your child's naptime problems so that your child can take a good nap and get all of the sleep she needs.

Top 10 Sleep Parenting Books
In addition to helping you fix sleep problems, these books can help you learn how to develop good sleep habits, get your child sleeping through the night and prevent sleep problems from occuring in your children.

Kids and Restless Leg Syndrome
Can kids get restless leg syndrome? Review the symptoms and treatments for RLS and how to get your child diagnosed if you think he has restless leg syndrome.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms
Childhood obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is common in children who have symptoms of loud snoring, trouble sleeping and behavior problems during the day. Learn to recognize OSA and its common treatments.

Moving to a Toddler Bed
Review when you should move your toddler out of their crib and into a toddler bed.

Naps and Sleep
Review how long your kids should sleep each day and how to encourage them to take naps during the day.

Sleep Deprived Children Have Health Problems
If your child has frequent health and/or emotional problems, consider that a lack of sleep may be all or at least part of the problem.

Bedtime Problems
Review some tips to help a five year old who is not eating or sleeping well and has a very late bedtime.

Night Terrors
Night terrors are common in younger children, who may 'wake' up screaming and crying and are inconsolable as you try to comfort them.

A Question About Night Terrors
Review why a child who may be having night terrors keeps screaming and crying for his mommy, even though she is right there with him.

What is Preventing Your Baby from Sleeping Through the Night?
Find out what is keeping your baby from sleeping through the night and learn effective ways to handle this common problem.

Sleep Poll
Where do your kids sleep?

Preschool Sleep Disorders
Review what a three year old might have problems sleeping through the night and taking naps.

Baby and Toddler Sleep Guide
A guide to your young child's sleep, including teaching your baby to sleep, putting your baby to bed, sleep concerns, Ferber method, sleep sharing, and special situations.

Child Sleep Resources
A complete guide to your child's sleep, including teaching your baby to sleep, putting your child to sleep, and common sleep concerns.

Establishing Good Sleep Habits
The American Academy of Pediatrics guide to establishing good sleep habits and getting your baby to sleep.

The Ferber method demystified
Interesting article about the Ferber method and the controversies that surround his 'cry it out' approach.

How Much Sleep Is Enough for My Child?
How much sleep does your infant, toddler, preschool or school age child need? Find out from this article, plus information on developing a good bedtime routine.

Sleep Problems in Children
A pediatricians guide to help get your child to sleep through the night.

Night Night Video
Common sense sleep solutions from a 'pro,' with '25 years of experience in the field,' and who has worked with thousands of parents over years helping their kids sleep well through the night.

Star Sleeper
A campaign to educate America's children – and their parents, educators, and healthcare providers – about the importance of adequate nighttime sleep.

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