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Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Quiz

Do your kids have symptoms of seasonal allergies?

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Although some kids with allergies only have seasonal allergies, for example, having allergy symptoms when pollen, grass, or mold counts are high in the fall or spring, many others have year round allergies.

A seasonal allergy can be harder to diagnose though, as it can be hard to remember that your child has the same allergy symptoms from year to year.

It is important to recognize your child's seasonal allergy symptoms though, otherwise you might think that he gets colds or sinus infections all of the time, instead of seasonal allergies.

Our seasonal allergy symptoms quiz and these related resources can help you figure out if your child has seasonal allergies.

  • Parents Allergy Guide - Allergy Symptoms and Treatments
    Allergies can be a big problem for kids. Learning more about allergies, including about allergy symptoms and treatments, can help parents get their kids some much needed allergy relief.

  • Allergy Symptoms
    In addition to having symptoms that always occur during a certain time of the year (seasonal allergies), you can suspect allergies if your child has symptoms after being around a specific indoor allergy trigger such as dust mites, pet dander or mold.

  • Relief From Spring Allergies
    Review what you can do to help treat your child's symptoms from spring allergies.

  • Does my child have Spring Allergies?
    Every year, around March or April, my son gets a persistant runny nose, water eyes and he sneezes all of the time. Could he have allergies?

  • Allergy Poll
    Do you kids have allergies?

  • Hard to Control Allergies
    Some children have hard-to-control allergies, and suffer either with their allergy symptoms or try many different allergy medicines without relief. Learn how to get help to treat your child's allergies effectively.

  • Allergy Testing - Pediatrics
    Review when kids can and should have allergy testing done, including allergy skin tests or the RAST allergy blood test.

  • About Seasonal Allergies
    Learn how each season of the year, including holidays, can present special challenges for those who suffer from allergies.

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