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Symptoms of Diabetes Screening Quiz
Does your child have any symptoms of diabetes?

Symptoms of Diabetes Resources:

Drinking too much (polydipsia) and urinating too much (polyuria) are common in children, especially those that drink a lot of juice. That doesn't keep parents from worrying that they could be a symptom of diabetes though, especially when they forget the other big sign of diabetes - weight loss.

Still, diabetes is a serious disorder, especially if not diagnosed early, so take some time to learn about diabetes symptoms, both so that you can recognize if your child develops any signs or symptoms of diabetes and so that you don't overreact when he doesn't.

  • Medical Symptom Checker - Search for common symptoms that may affect your child.

  • Diabetes Symptoms - Review some of the most common diabetes symptoms, which would warrant further testing in your child.

  • About Diabetes - Essential diabetes information and online resources for diabetes patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. Includes diabetes support forum, articles, diabetes management tools, diabetic diet information, and more.

  • Kids Diabetes Alert
    We often think of overweight adults as being at risk for having diabetes, but it is now know that many overweight teens are at risk for diabetes too. Learn to recognize the risk factors of diabetes in your kids.

  • Children with Diabetes
    Resources for parents of children with type I or type II diabetes mellitus.

  • Pediatric Problem Solver - Use our parenting problem solver to help you find medical and parenting advice and information.

  • Medical Advice - Get expert advice from a Pediatrician about treating common conditions and infections. Plus get information about immunizations, medications and your child's mental health.

  • Parenting Avice - Information and advice on dealing with common parenting issues and problems, including nutrition, growth, development, sibling rivalry, potty training, getting your child to sleep all night, and managing behavior problems and temper tantrums.

  • Frequent Urination - Frequent urination is not always a serious problem, but it isn't quite normal either, so even without other symptoms, children with frequent urination do deserve to have a visit to their pediatrician.

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