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High Tech Parenting Gadgets


Updated June 13, 2014

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Security Camera - Home Security Camera
Home video cameras can provide some added security when set up around your home.

Home video cameras can provide some added security when set up around your home, especially where your kids play.

Photo © Vincent Iannelli, MD

Although they are no substitute for direct supervision for younger children, home video security cameras are a great way to watch your older kids when they are playing outside.

They can also provide an extra layer of protection to see if someone is approaching the house or to see if one of the kids got out.

And although baby monitors are more routinely used inside, many video security cameras, including many wireless models, can just as easily be used in your home. With the right setup, you could even hook up a wireless camera to your iPhone to see your baby sleeping over your home wireless network.

In addition to help you directly supervise your children, some people also use cameras as a hidden in-home video surveillance system to monitor baby sitters or a nanny. In addition to a nanny cam that can be hidden in a stuffed animal or clock, you can use a regular wireless video camera. And although you usually don't have to tell your nanny that you are recording her with a hidden video camera, some states require that you do if you have the audio turned on. So do your research before getting a hidden nanny cam.

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