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Updated March 28, 2011

Although parents often remember common 'choke foods,' like hot dogs, peanuts, and hard candy, they forget that young kids can choke on uncut spaghetti.
Uncut spaghetti is a choke food

Uncut spaghetti is a choke food

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In addition to uncut spaghetti and hard or gooey candy, other common choke foods for infants and toddlers include:
  • hot dogs
  • hard candy
  • peanuts/nuts
  • seeds
  • whole grapes
  • raw carrots
  • apples
  • popcorn
  • chunks of peanut butter (if your toddler isn't at risk for food allergies and you decide to give him peanut butter, spread smooth peanut butter thinly on bread or a cracker)
  • marshmallows
  • chewing gum
  • meat sticks/sausages
  • chunks of cheese
The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that certain foods are a choking hazard for kids under age four, unless it is chopped completely (which isn't practical or possible for some foods, like popcorn, nuts, or chewing gum).


AAP Policy Statement. Prevention of Choking Among Children. PEDIATRICS Vol. 125 No. 3 March 2010, pp. 601-607.

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