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Accidents are the leading cause of death for children. Most of these deaths could easily be prevented and it is therefore important to keep your child's safety in mind at all times. These web sites offer tips to keep your children safe.
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  2. Expert Safety Q & A (14)
  3. Accidents (8)
  4. Baby Products (21)
  5. Car Seats (49)
  6. Childproofing (22)
  7. Choking (5)
  8. Fire Safety (15)
  9. Food Safety (7)
  10. Gun Safety (6)
  11. Halloween Safety (13)
  12. Hidden Dangers (24)
  13. Internet Safety (3)
  14. Lead Poisoning (6)
  15. Missing Kids (22)
  16. Poison Control (14)
  17. Safety Tips (10)
  18. SIDS (18)
  19. Sunscreen and Sun Safety (23)
  20. Water Safety (15)
  21. Safety Quizzes (6)
  22. Safety on the Go (9)
  23. Summer Health & Safety (41)

Child Safety Roundup
Review the child safety roundup and help raise awareness of just how common these childhood accidents and tragedies really are.

Child Safety
From the proper use of a car seat to putting baby gates on stairs, learn everything you need to know about baby proofing, childproofing, car seats, and hidden dangers to keep your kids safe and avoid unintentional injuries.

Safety Tips
Accidents aren't rare. Some simple safety tips can help keep your kids safe from common hazards, including fire, car accidents, and accidents at home.

Layers of Protection - Child Safety Tips
A layers of protection plan can be an important part of child safety strategies, whether you are trying to keep your kids safe around a pool or at home.

Health and Safety Slogans for Parents
From helping to remind you to use sunscreen to getting kids to eat veggies, health and safety slogans have long been a part of general safety advice campaigns for parents. Do you remember them all?

Safety and State Laws
Review the safety laws in your state that might help keep your kids safe.

First Aid and Safety Photos
A first aid and safety photo gallery to help you learn how to keep your kids safe, review hidden dangers, and be prepared when your kids get hurt.

Thunderstorm Safety - Severe Thunderstorms
Kids often get afraid when a thunderstorm rolls in. Because of the damage that severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can cause, many adults have a healthy fear of them too.

Lightning Strikes
While thunderstorms and lightning strikes are common, few hit people. The statistics about lightning still show that they kill about 55 people a year, so lightning safety is important to talk about with your kids.

Best Places to Raise a Family
We often see reports on the best places to retire and the best places to work. But where is the best place to raise your family? Review some important factors to consider as you look for the best place to live and raise safe, happy, and healthy kids.

Spider Bites
Although spiders seem to be everywhere, extremely few of these spiders are dangerous. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of spider bites and what to do if you think that your child has been bitten by a black widow spider or brown recluse spider.

Fireworks Safety
Although fireworks are a summer tradition for many families, injuries from fireworks don't have to be if you follow these fireworks safety tips.

Eye Safety
Although most people think that eye safety is limited to wearing goggles during sports, which most kids don't do anyway, it is important to remember that you need to work at preventing eye injuries every day.

How Safe Is Safe?
Can your child be too safe? Remember that the more chances you take, such as by not using a car seat, having a gun that is loaded and unlocked in the house, or not having a smoke detector, the more likely your child is to be injured or killed by an accident.

Think Safety First - Avoid Common Dangers
In addition to the confusion of having a lot of people around, the breakdown in your usual safety plans can put your kids at great risk when you have visitors, like at a pool party or birthday pary. Review how to keep your kids safe in these types of special situations.

Safety at Petting Zoos
Learn about keeping your kids safe from E. coli infections when visiting a petting zoo.

September is Baby Safety Month
As part of Baby Safety Month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning parents and caregivers about in-home drowning hazards.

Child Abuse Information for Parents
Child abuse is harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child, and it can be physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or through neglect. Abuse may cause serious injury to the child and may even result in death. Learn the signs of possible abuse.

The Super Babysitter
Babysitting can be a super way for you to earn money. Every job has certain guidelines. Baby sitting is no exception. Learn the things that will be expected of you as a sitter and things that you should expect of the parents.

Car Safety - Car Safety Features
Since parents spend so much time on the go, car safety is just as important as home safety if you want to keep your kids safe and healthy. In addition to using a car seat properly, you can help keep your kids safe in the car by buying a safe car with all of the latest safety features.

Kids in Hot Cars Alert

Buying A New Car
Review these safety features to look for if you are a parent looking to buy a new car that will keep your family safe.

Ten Tips For Safe Bike Riding
Avoid biking injuries by reviewing our ten tips that you should teach your children to encourage safe bike riding.

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