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Playing Doctor

Have you caught your kids 'playing doctor' yet? Would you know what to do if you did? Learn more about this common situation so that you are prepared and don't overreact.

I Caught Them Playing Doctor!
How to handle finding your child showing his private parts to a friend, including staying calm and using the situation as an opportunity to teach your child about privacy and sexuality.

Playing Doctor -- Normal for preschoolers?
Review whether it is normal or not for preschoolers to play doctor.

Questions and Answers About Sex
Learn the answers to common questions kids ask about sex, including when they start becoming curious about sex and the sexual behaviors younger children may normally have.

Responding to Sexual Play
When confronted with your younger child's sexual behavior, including masturbation or playing doctor, it can help to answer a few questions to figure out if it is normal, including if the behavior is age appropriate and how often your child does it. Learn how to respond to your child's sexual play.

When Kids Play Doctor
What do you do with a curious seven year old who plays doctor with his cousins? Is it simple 'show and tell' or just curious?

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