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Careers in Pediatrics for Medical Students

Information pediatric careers, including how to become a Pediatrician, finding a job in Pediatrics, Pediatric residency programs, and career planning for pediatric residents.
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  2. Becoming a Pediatrician (30)

Books about Becoming a Doctor
Books to help you make the decision about becoming a doctor and going to medical school. Learn what medical school and being a doctor is like.

What a Pediatrician Can Do
A discussion of what a Pediatrician can do, including becoming a specialist, doing research, or doing primary care and taking care of children.

AAP Resident Section
The American Academy of Pediatrics section for residents with information on work hours, career planning (finding a job, writing a CV, debt management, contract negotiation, board preparation, etc.), and the current Resident Report.

Best Pediatric Training Programs
US News and World Reports listing of the top Pediatrics residency programs.

AAP Committee on Pediatric Workforce
An AAP committee that 'manages issues pertaining to the supply, requirements, demographics, and geographic distribution of general and subspecialty pediatricians.'

The Future of Pediatric Educations
A three-year initiative launched by the pediatric community to look at the health care needs of children in the future and the workforce necessary to meet those needs.

Pediatric Employment Network
The AAP PedJobs network to help Pediatricians find a job.

Pediatric Training Programs
A listing of general and subspeciality pediatric training programs and directors from the American Board of Pediatrics. Where do you want to do your Pediatrics Residency?

The Triple Board Residency Program
A 5 year program where residents train in pediatrics, adolescent and adult psychiatry to help doctors learn to 'care for children and their families in a unique and comprehensive manner.'

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