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Review expert medical advice about treating common conditions and infections. Plus get information about immunizations, medications and your child's mental health.
  1. Your Pediatrician
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  3. Childhood Infections
  4. Diseases and Conditions
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  1. Mental Health
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Your Pediatrician

Your baby will get a thorough checkup and his vaccines and his four-month well child visit.

Information about pediatrics and your pediatrician, including choosing a pediatrician, getting a second opinion, and finding a doctor to care for your children.


Sick Child

Review what can cause common symptoms, like a cough, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Childhood Infections

A case of chicken pox will usually keep your child home from day care for at least six days.

A guide to common infections affecting children, including chickenpox, roseola, hepatitis, hand foot mouth disease, scarlet fever and many more.

Diseases and Conditions

Too Young To Use An MDI

Common diseases and conditions that affect children, including information about dermatology, orthopedics, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and cancer.


A set of vaccines that your baby might get at her two and four month old visit to her pediatrician.

Review the current immunization schedule and information on individual vaccines that are recommended for your child.

Mental Health

A guide to your children's Mental Health, with information about childhood depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism, and behavioral problems.

Childhood Obesity

Obesity in kids has reached epidemic levels. Experts estimate that 15% of kids are overweight and another 15% are at risk of becoming overweight. And two thirds of these overweight kids will become overweight adults. Learn to prevent obesity and help your kids stay at a more healthy weight.

Childhood Medications

High Cost of Medicines

Information about pediatric drugs and commonly used medications. Topics include databases with drug reference material, and information for consumers about how to administer medicines to their kids.

Quizzes and Polls

Take our quizzes and polls of common pediatric health problems and information to see if you know as much as you should or think you do about taking care of your kids.

Useful Tools and Online Calculators

Useful pediatric tools, including polls, growth charts, body mass index calculators, height predictors and other resources to help you care for your kids.

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