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Information and advice on dealing with common parenting issues and problems, including nutrition, growth, development, sibling rivalry, potty training, getting your child to sleep all night, and managing behavior problems and temper tantrums.
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Health and Safety Slogans for Parents
What are some of the health and safety slogans that you remember and use to keep your kids healthy and safe?

Parenting Anxiety
Parenting anxiety is a common issue, whether you are a first time parent bring home a newborn, or you are worried if your kids have enough friends in school. Learn some ways to cope with the stress and anxiety of being a parent.

Limiting Screen Time - Other Schedules and Activities for Kids
The latest reports show that kids are spending way too much time watching TV, on the computer, and using a cell phone, etc. Learn how to limit screen time and replace it with other schedules and activities for your kids.

Quick Fixes for Parenting Problems
From sleep problems to temper tantrums, we often look for quick fixes for common parenting problems. These quick fixes rarely work though and often make things worse. Review which quick fixes for parenting problems that you should likely avoid.

Parenting Reading List
This small library of books for parents will help you to be prepared for almost any parenting situation. This parenting reading list should be considered required reading for every parent, and includes most of the books that I recommend to the parents that I see in my office.

Parenting Styles and Parenting Fads
Review some of the more popular parenting fads, ideas, and styles that seem to have come and gone over the years, plus a list of popular and trendy parenting books.

Frugal Parenting
Especially in a down economy, looking to save money and practicing frugal parenting can be a great thing. There are some things that you simply don't want to skimp on when it comes to your kids though, such as diluting baby formula, as it can affect their health and safety.

Childhood Transitions
Many of the difficult times as a parent revolve around childhood transitions, such as when your baby weans from the breast, moves from a crib to a bed, gives up his naps, and starts kindergarten, etc. Learning about and anticipating these childhood transitions can make parenting a little easier.

Parenting Poll Results
View our recent parenting poll results to see what other parents are doing with their kids, including such topics as potty training, spanking, antibiotic use, circumcision, etc.

Annoying Things People Say
People often ask parents questions that are annoying and even seem stupid. Review some of the more common things that people say that annoy many parents and how you can respond to them.

Parenting Tips
Submit your parenting tips for coping with common parenting issues and problems. Have you had to deal with a picky eater, poor sleeper, back talking, or a toddler who still hits and bites? What worked for you?

Pediatric Problem Solver
Use our parenting problem solver to help you find medical and parenting advice and information.

Pediatric Basics for New Parents
Find help dealing with common issues for new parents, with information about nutrition, sick kids, safety, childhood infections, immunizations and other pediatric problems.

7 Common Parenting Mistakes
Learning to overcome these 7 common parenting mistakes will get you a long way towards being a more effective parent.

Diaper Rash
Review the common causes of diaper rashes in infants, what might cause a persistent rash, and tips to prevent and treat your child's diaper rash.

How much TV should kids watch?
Learn why you should take the TV out of your child's room and follow the AAP recommendation that kids watch no more than 2 hours of quality programming each day.

Surviving the Holidays with Kids
Review how you can make sure that your holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, are safe and healthy for your family and kids.

New Year's Resolutions for Kids
In addition to your own New Year's Parenting Resolutions, this year, how about helping your kids, even your preschoolers and younger school age kids, come up with some New Year's Resolutions?

Baby Sleep Schedules
Review the changes in baby sleep schedules from newborns to older infants so that you know what to expect and when your baby should be sleeping through the night.

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