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Common parenting issues that you may have to deal with, including sibling rivalry, loss and death, and lying,
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Coping With and Preventing Separation Anxiety Video
Separation anxiety is unsettling for both parents and children. These simple habits can help reduce the stress of separation for everyone.

Kids and Cell Phones
Read more about the issue of parents getting cell phones for their tween or teen, including the risks and benefits that a cell phone can offer.

Review what do about a preschooler with fears of being along and away from his parents.

Children and Lying
How to recognize if your child's or adolescent's lying is a serious problem and how to deal with it.

Talking To Children About Death
Information and suggestions to help children cope with the death of a friend or family member and help overcome any misconceptions, fears, or worries they may have.

Sibling Rivalry
It's easy for a parent to feel like a referee in a boxing ring. From which television program to watch to who is touching who in the car, it seems like there is an endless stream of things your kids can fight about. But sibling rivalry is normal, and handled the right way, can help your kids develop important life skills.

Talking to Children About Death
A comprehensive guide on how to talk with your children about death, with characteristics of how to talk with children at each developmental level, needs of grieving children, and whether or not children should visit a dying family member or attend a funeral.

Reducing Sibling Rivalry and Conflict Between Your Children Video
Constant fighting between siblings can turn a happy home into a house of horrors. This video is about reducing conflict between children in the home. About.com video Expert Kathy Moore offers practical parenting advice for parents struggling with children who fight tease and whine.

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