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Top 7 Books to Help Overweight Kids


Updated June 15, 2007

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Obesity is a growing epidemic among our children. These books are for parents to help their overweight kids learn about healthy nutrition and exercise and reach a more healthy weight.

1. Trim Kids

Trim Kids
'The Proven 12-Week Plan That Has Helped Thousands of Children Achieve a Healthier Weight' using a combination of nutrition, exercise and behavior modification techniques.
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2. Underage and Overweight

Underage and Overweight
A new guide to 'America's Childhood Obesity Epidemic--What Every Parent Needs to Know' with a 7-step diet and exercise plan that focuses on getting your kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity and a healthy diet.
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3. Fit Kids!

'The Complete Shape-Up Program from Birth Through High School' that includes strategies for 'Turning a Child On' or motivating them to exercise and eat healthy.
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4. Slim and Fit Kids

Learn about 'Raising Healthy Children in a Fast-Food World', pediatric nutrition and how to develop a daily plan to help your kids reach or stay at a healthy weight.
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5. Helping Your Child Lose Weight the Healthy Way

'A Family Approach to Weight Control' that concentrates not only on helping your child lose weight, but also maintain their self-esteem.
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6. 365 Activities for Fitness, Food, and Fun for the Whole Family

One of the hardest parts of getting kids to be more active and to eat healthier is actually motivating them to do it. This books offers lots of tips that make exercising and eating well fun.
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7. AAP Guide to Your Childs Nutrition

Learn from the experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics about 'Making Peace at the Table and Building Healthy Eating Habits for Life'. With information about why kids become overweight and how to help your overweight child.
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