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A Baby Sitting Up

Developmental Milestones


Updated July 23, 2007

A photo of a baby sitting up, a developmental milestone that most babies reach by the time that they are five and a half to seven months old.
A Baby Sitting Up

A Baby Sitting Up

Photo (c) Jordan Chesbrough
Sitting up is another of the major motor milestones that parents look forward to.

Spending less time prone or on their stomach, since the release of the Back to Sleep recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS, has caused some delays for infants in picking up some milestones. These milestones including sitting up, rolling over, and crawling. Fortunately, by the time they were toddlers, these delays all seem to disappear no matter how your baby sleeps, so it's likely more appropriate to describe these kids as having a 'lag' in their development and not a true delay. If you want to avoid this 'lag,' you might try some tummy time during the day.

Still, most infants sit up without support when they are between five and a half to seven months old.


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