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Review questions and answers about common childhood nutrition issues and problems, like constipation, breastfeeding, switching to whole milk and then low fat milk, milk allergies, preventing food allergies, and eating eggs, fish, fruits, and vegetables.
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Growth Hormones in Milk
Ask the Pediatrician - I am worried about the hormones in cow's milk. They might lead to early puberty in kids, right? Would it be safer to give my kids raw milk or organic milk instead?

Infants, Yogurt and Milk
Review when you can introduce your baby to yogurt and other milk based products.

Toddler Low Fat Diets
Review why a toddler should not drink low fat milk before they are two years old.

Infants and Eggs
Review whether or not an 11 month old infant can eat scrambled eggs.

Toddlers, Iron, and Vitamins
Learn about good sources or iron for your toddler, including an iron fortified toddler formula, other foods that have a lot of iron, and vitamins with iron.

Fruit Juice
Review whether or not your child needs to drink fruit juice.

Eating Pomegranate Seeds
Review whether it is safe to eat pomegranate seeds.

Infant Feeding Guidelines
Review these infant feeding guidelines so that you know how much formula and solid foods your baby should be eating and drinking.

Soda and Chocolate Milk for Infants
Review whether you should give an infant diet soda or chocolate flavored milk.

Baby Food
Review the ages, stages, and steps, at which your baby can eat each type of baby food.

Picky Eaters
Learn about how to cope with a child who is a picky eater.

Problems Supplementing With Baby Formula
Review the symptoms of a food allergy in a breastfeeding infant that is being supplemented with baby formula.

Baby Formula Choices - Is Store Brand Infant Formula OK?
Which baby formula for your infant will meet all of his nutritional requirements?

Risks of Drinking Too Much Milk
Review the risks of a toddler drinking too much milk, including becoming constipated, overweight, underweight, or developing iron deficiency anemia.

Food Allergies and Fish Sticks
Could vomiting after eating fish sticks be a sign of a food allergy?

Nestle NAN Baby Formula
We just came back from Guatemala with our adopted daughter who is 6 months old. They were giving her Nestle NAN infant formula. Does Nestle have NAN formula in the US?

Infants, Honey and Botulism
When can kids start eating honey and not have to worry about being at risk for botulism?

Stopping Breastfeeding Before a Year
Review what you should do if you stop breastfeeding your infant before they are twelve months old.

Switching to Whole Milk
Learn about how to change your child from an infant formula to whole cow's milk so that she continues to get enough calcium in her diet.

Kids and Milk
Review when you should change kids from whole milk to low fat milk.

Cow's Milk Allergies
A discussion of a baby who may be allergic to milk because of a diaper rash and several instances of vomiting after drinking a cow's milk based formula.

Breastfeeding and Constipation
Review a 'problem' of a breastfed infant who is only having bowel movements every five or six days.

Bottled Water - Is it Better Than Tap Water for your Kids?
Is bottled water better than tap water for my children?

Preventing Food Allergies
My son has a severe allergy to peanuts. I am now pregnant with my second child. Is there anything I can do to prevent my baby from also developing allergies?

How Many Fruits and Vegetables Should My Kids Eat?
How many fruits and vegetables should my 3 and 8 year old children be eating each day?

How many eggs can your kids eat?
I am worried about my kids also getting high cholesterol. Should I let them eat eggs? How many eggs can my kids eat each week?

Is it safe to eat fish?
I am pregnant and have heard warnings about eating fish. Is it safe to eat fish while I am expecting? Is it safe for my toddler to eat tuna fish?

Toddler Milk and Calcium Requirements
My 14 month old has a milk intolerance. He has been on a soy formula, because he has diarrhea every time that we tried to give him a cow's milk based formula. He also had diarrhea when we recently tried to introduce regular cow's milk. Does he really need to drink milk?

Learn more about pica, an eating disorder in which children eat non-food substances, like rocks, paper, and cardboard.

Breakfast at School
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how much time should kids be given to eat their breakfast?

Water for Babies and How Advice Changes Over Time
Review why babies don't need to drink extra water and how advice can change from when someone took care of their daughter to now taking care of their granddaughter.

Preschooler Lunch Ideas
Parent-to-parent tips: real parents share their tips and advice for dealing with preschoolers and lunch ideas.

Sugar Free Juice
With all of the talk about the childhood obesity epidemic, it is no surprise that parents would like to give their kids sugar free fruit juice. Learn if it is okay to give your kids sugar free fruit juice and what other sugar free drinks are available.

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