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Bad Habits

Learn how to stop or 'break' common bad habits that children can have, like fidgeting, nail biting, hair pulling, thumb sucking, and nose picking.

Bad Habits and Fidgeting At School
Learn what to do about bad habits that children may have, such as fidgeting at school, biting their nails, or twirling their hair.

Bad Habits and Annoying Behaviors
Learn what you can do to stop common childhood 'bad' habits, like thumb and finger sucking, head banging, teeth grinding, nose picking, hair twirling and hair pulling, breath holding, masturbation, and tics.

Your Child's Habits
Nail biting, hair twirling, thumb sucking, nose picking, breath holding - these habits may be annoying, but they are rarely cause for alarm. Find out what causes common childhood habits and how to cope with them in this article for parents.

What to do About Bad Habits
A guide to stopping bad habits from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Bad Habits
Hair pulling, head-banging, body rocking, thumb sucking and other habits often appear in infancy. Learn how to help your child give up these habits.

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