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Teen Depression Screening Quiz

Are your kids depressed?

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  • Can kids get depressed?

  • Depression Screening - Reviewing the risk factors and common symptoms of depression can help you recognize if your child is depressed, so you can intervene early and get him help.

  • Counseling - Child and Family Counseling - Counseling, whether it is tried alone, or is combined with medication, is often an important part of treating most mental health problems.

  • ADHD Screening Quiz - Does your child have ADHD?

  • Anxiety Symptoms - Learn when normal worries and fears have turned into a more serious condition for which you should get your child some help.

  • Teens and Stress - Whether caused by the loss of a friend or loved one, a recent move, being teased or bullied, difficulties at home, or problems at school, childhood stress can lead to behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, drug use, and insomnia, among many other symptoms and medical problems.

  • Cutting - Cutting is a type of self-harm behavior in which teens deliberately cut or scratch themselves with a knife, razor blade, or other sharp object, but not with any intention of trying to commit suicide. Learn how to recognize signs of cutting and about common treatments.

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