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Vincent Iannelli, M.D.

Saturday Safety Roundup

By August 3, 2013

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In this week's Saturday Safety Roundup, stories of:

  • a 3-year-old in Monroe, Louisiana who is in serious condition after he was unintentionally shot by a 5-year-old who was playing with a gun.
  • a 14-year-old in Racine, Wisconsin who was unintentionally shot in the abdomen by a relative as they were target shooting.
  • a 4-year-old in Portland, Indiana who was unintentionally shot in the head by her 8-year-old brother who was target shooting with a .22-caliber rifle.
  • a 13-year-old in Wickenburg, Arizona who died after he was unintentionally shot at the home of a family friend. They had bought a gun because their 19-year-old daughter was dealing with a stalker.
  • a 9-year-old in Oakdale, Minnesota who was unintentionally shot in the chest by her 5-year-old brother with a .22-caliber rifle that had been left out for repairs.
  • a 16-year-old in Lexington, Kentucky who died after he was unintentionally shot in the chest by his 18-year-old half-brother.
  • a 4-year-old in Bowling Green, Florida who suffered severe injuries to her feet and legs after she was run over by her father as he was mowing the lawn and backed up his riding lawn mower.
  • a 6-year-old in Licking County, Iowa who died after he fell off a tractor that his father was using to haul firewood and was run over.
  • a 6-year-old in Sayre, Oklahoma who died when the ATV he was riding on with two older boys rolled over, pinning him underneath.
  • a 14-year-old in Sonoma County, California who died when the ATV he was riding on crashed and rolled over on top of him. He was on a camping trip with his father.
  • a 12-year-old in Trout Creek, Texas who died when he fell off the back of an ATV that he was riding on with three other kids.
  • a 16-year-old in Coushatta, Louisiana who died when his ATV hit a dirt embankment and overturned.
  • 4-month-old in San Diego, California who died after being left in a hot car outside an apartment complex overnight.
  • a 10-year-old in Chicago, Illinois who is in critical condition after falling over the second-story railing at a department store.
  • a 3-year-old from Frisco, Texas who died after he was ejected from the back seat of a car after a tire blew out and the car hit a guard rail. He was reportedly in a car seat, but had a habit of unbuckling the belt.
  • a 2-year-old in Palm Desert, California who drowned in an apartment complex pool with two other young children while being supervised by a someone that was likely too intoxicated to notice when the toddler fell in the pool.
  • a 14-year-old from Port Allen, Louisiana who drowned at the Cajun Lagoon water park while with a church group.
  • a 5-year-old in DeLand, Florida who drowned in a pool at her grandmother's home.  His mother had gone to change another child's diaper and couldn't find the 5-year-old when she returned, so looked in the house and backyard. He was finally found at the bottom of the pool.
  • a 10-year-old in Caldwell County, North Carolina who drowned after getting swept away while swimming in Wilson Creek.

Keep your kids safe. Not all, but many of these types of accidents can be prevented.

Many of the accidents and tragedies are ones that we see week after week, especially drownings, dog bites, falls, ATV accidents, unintentional shootings, and even lawn mower accidents.

Spread the word about child safety to help save lives and reduce these types of accidents and tragedies.

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