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Readers Respond: Potty Training Rewards

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Updated April 09, 2009

From the article: Potty Training Mistakes
Parents use all kinds of rewards for their kids when they sit on the potty, from stickers to candy. Of course a lot of extra attention and praise works too. What tips do you have for other parents who are trying to potty train their kids?

potty reward

I used orange tic-tacs which my 2 year old son absolutely loves. Everytime he used the potty, i gave him 3 tic tacs that i kept on the bathroom sink (out of reach). Not only did I reward him, I freshened his breath as well.
—Guest once a struggling mom

Potty Chart iPhone App

I was having trouble with my 4 year old remembering to go while we were out of the house. I have an iphone so I looked for a potty chart app so he could add his stars to his chart even when we're not at home. It didn't exist so I just had one made for him. It did the trick. It was the little motiviation he needed to remember to go. Now for the last several months he's been accident free when we're out. The app's called "Potty Chart" if anyone else is having the same problem you should download it for your iphone.
—Guest chip

toilet flushing

The chance to flush the toilet proved inducement enough for my two boys, both of whom were fully potty trained by 2.5.

Pink Bunny Rabbit Big Girl Pants

Or whatever other color, character, furry animal your toddler obsesses over. I couldn't believe my luck when I found these online. It got my 2 year old past the stage where she wouldn't give up the diapers. And, of course, she hates to get them wet because it means having to give up the favorite underwear for the plasticy white ones.
—Guest Maureen

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