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Readers Respond: Health and Safety Slogans for Parents

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Updated July 28, 2011

What are some of the health and safety slogans that you remember and use to keep your kids healthy and safe? Stop, drop and roll? Stranger-danger? Got any others?

Medication Safety

"Up and Away and Out of Sight" is a new slogan from the CDC and their partners to remind parents and other caregivers to help prevent accidental overdosages.


"When In Doubt, Sit It Out" - Good advice for what to do when your child might have had a concussion.

Turn Around Don't Drown

"Turn Around Don't Drown" is a slogan of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that helps to encourage flood safety. According to NOAA, more deaths occur each year due to flooding than from any other severe weather related hazard. That's why it is important to warn people of the hazards of walking or driving a vehicle through flood waters. The simple advice - Turn Around Don't Drown - is an easy way to remember that you should never walk or drive onto a flooded road. Get to higher ground when flood occurs.

Children Can't Fly

"Children Can't Fly" was a safety slogan developed by New York City’s Department of Health in the early 1970s to decrease falls from windows. It supposedly helped decrease falls by over 50%, although it has now been replaced by less exciting "Window Guards: They Save Lives. They're the Law." The Boston Public Health Commission still uses a similar "Kids Can't Fly" slogan though.
—Guest Vincent Iannelli, MD

Breastfeeding Slogan

To replace the "breast is best" slogan, which some people think promotes guilt among some mothers who don't breastfeed or stop breastfeeding, how about a move to "nursing is normal" or "breastfeeding is normal?"
—Guest Vincent Iannelli, MD

Old Time Advice

I learned "Duck and Cover" back in grade school when they were teaching us what to do in a nuclear attack. Duck under your desk and cover your head with your arm and hands. It probably wasn't very helpful advice if the bombs had really ever dropped, but it may still be good advice in an earthquake or tornado if you don't have time to get to safety.
—Guest Don


I learned this when I was a kid and have never forgotten it. Stop, look, and listen before you cross the street. Use your eyes, use your ears, before you use your feet.
—Guest WhoBear

Leave the scabs alone.

If you pick it, it will never heal. The advice my parents gave whenever we were healing a scrape.
—Guest wb

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Helps you remember your daily intake of fruit and veggies, but you would need more than one apple these days!
—Guest Elizabeth

Make a Face, It'll Freeze Like That

Can you believe my mom and dad used to tell us if we made a funny face, it would freeze like that forever? I wondered what happened to my face? HAHAHA.

Hubby's Health Slogan

My husband always liked this one: Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. He used it to remind our kids to cover their coughs and sneezes.
—Guest Liz

My Safety Slogan

This might not be an official slogan, but I like to use: Wear a helmet now, finish living later.
—Guest Jenny

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