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Readers Respond: When did your baby's eyes change color?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Parents often ask if their baby's eyes stay gray, which many babies are born with, or if they will they turn brown, green, or blue? The standard reply is that most babies eye color will either stay the same or will darken over the first six to nine months of her life.

Did your baby's eye color change? If so, when?

Parents Respond

Blue,Green Brown

My 3 month old baby Girl was born with one blue green eye and one Brown with a patch of blue green every fortnight it seems to have a different section of Blue green now there is a streak of blue around the pupil & a patch of blue below it. Don't know what they will be. Whether the brown blue green eye will stay or change slowly didn't think that brown eyes could go lighter. Seems to be happening very slowly will have to see what happens when she's older.
—Guest Dee

Eye Colors

My now 13-year-old was born with beautiful dark blue eyes that remained the same until she was three, when they gradually changed to green in a thin rim around the pupil and light blue with dark blue flecks around the green. My son is nine and he was born with the same dark blue eyes, which eventually changed to light green with blue flecks. My husband and I both have green eyes!
—Guest Kelli

Baby Blues

My daughter was born with dark blue eyes. At around 1 month they lightened to a bold royal blue. She's nearly 2 years old and they're the same color as they were at 1 month. My son was born with the same dark blue, and he is now 4 months old and they are a lighter blue that has stayed the same since 1 month. We will see what his do!! My husband has medium brown, and I have green.
—Guest Julie

All Different Colours

My eyes are a blue, my husband's hazel, and my three kids' eyes were all different. My first son had dark blue eyes when he was born then changed to a green a couple months after. He's now 20, and has green eyes with specks of brown. My second son had blue eyes until he was three, and then they turned to a green. At 18, they've stayed the same. My daughter had blue eyes until she was five, but they started to get to a blue/brown, with specks of green, and have been that way for eigth years, now.
—Guest AEC

3 kiddos

I have amber/hazel eyes and hubby has green. My 1st born had dark blue eyes that changed to dark brown by a year old. My 2nd was born with crystal blue eyes and black hair, his hair turned light brown and his eyes turned amber at around 2 years old. My 3rd is a month old and has slate grey with blue. I have no idea what they will be, but he is my only child born with light blonde hair. His eyebrows and lashes are white! I have black hair and hubby is blonde, I hope his hair stays blonde :)
—Guest Mina

Green to Dark Brown

My daughter was born with green eyes that turned hazel at 3 months and then dark brown. She's 2 yrs old now
—Guest Ashley

Brianna's blue eyes!!!

My baby was born with beautiful blue eyes. Her father and I both have lighter shades of brown eyes so this seemed very strange to me. I have seen absolutely no change in eye color and she has now reached the year mark. Her pediatrician has said that they will likely stay blue or a shade of it. Hopefully they will stay because they are gorgeous!!! Yet I have heard stories of them changing up until 3 years
—Guest Kelli

Around 9 months

My son was born with dark blue/grayish eyes. They changed at about 9 months, to a light shade of brown and have remained that color (he is almost 3 now).
—Guest JJ529

Brown eyed babies

Both my son and daughter were born with brown eyes and my ex has brown eyes. I have greenish-brown eyes and my grandson was born with blue eyes, like my mom. I'm hoping he keeps them. They are so beautiful.
—Guest Carolyn

Changing eyes

My sons eyes went from blue, when born, to green, and then hazel at the age of three. Now he's seven years old and they are definitely AMBER. He's the only one with eyes this color out of my 4 kids. His father has dark coffee brown eyes, and I have light brown eyes. So weird :-P
—Guest Crystal

babys eye color

My little girl was born with grey eyes. She is 1 and she has them grey/green. I asked her doctor to see if they would change, and she said that if they didn't change when she was 6 to 9 months, then most likely they were gonna stay like that. My husband has light brown eyes and I have dark brown, but in both sides of the family there are green, so we really don't know.
—Guest suzie

still blue

My son was the born with dark blue eyes. He's almost 7 months old - still the beautiful dark blue. His sister's eyes were grey at birth and turned dark brown 2 days later. I have green and my husband has dark brown
—Guest Nicolette

Forest Colors

My son was born with very dark eyes that appeared green in person but photographed as black. At age four months, his eyes turned to very dark brown that still photographed as black. He is one fourth Hispanic, and the dark eyes as well as the epicanthal folds are presumed to be from the ancient asian roots coming through the native component of Mexican genetics he inherited. He is otherwise more than half French, and the rest English, Irish, and German.
—Guest Kate

Still waiting

I have a regular brown color (not dark but not super light) and my hubby has a crystal blue. Our daughter is 7 months old now and I think they are going to be brown, but am still not sure. She was born very dark blue/gray/what we called no color. They still don't really have texture in them, so its hard to tell. Still dark, but I see some brown and blue. Since they are so dark I don't expect her to have my hubby's baby blue eyes, but she could be anywhere in between. Her doctor said maybe a dark blue but I don't really see that yet either. Guess its a mystery for a little longer...
—Guest Dawn

medium light blue eyes

My husband and I both have dark brown eyes. Our son was born with dark blue/greyish eyes and at 1 month, they changed to a medium to light blue. He is 5 months old now and they are still as blue as they were at 1 month! I hope they stay cause they are beautiful and I haven't seen any hint of another color.
—Guest Sarah

Parents Respond

When did your baby's eyes change color?

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