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Readers Respond: When did your baby's eyes change color?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Parents often ask if their baby's eyes stay gray, which many babies are born with, or if they will they turn brown, green, or blue? The standard reply is that most babies eye color will either stay the same or will darken over the first six to nine months of her life.

Did your baby's eye color change? If so, when?

Forest Colors

My son was born with very dark eyes that appeared green in person but photographed as black. At age four months, his eyes turned to very dark brown that still photographed as black. He is one fourth Hispanic, and the dark eyes as well as the epicanthal folds are presumed to be from the ancient asian roots coming through the native component of Mexican genetics he inherited. He is otherwise more than half French, and the rest English, Irish, and German.
—Guest Kate

Still waiting

I have a regular brown color (not dark but not super light) and my hubby has a crystal blue. Our daughter is 7 months old now and I think they are going to be brown, but am still not sure. She was born very dark blue/gray/what we called no color. They still don't really have texture in them, so its hard to tell. Still dark, but I see some brown and blue. Since they are so dark I don't expect her to have my hubby's baby blue eyes, but she could be anywhere in between. Her doctor said maybe a dark blue but I don't really see that yet either. Guess its a mystery for a little longer...
—Guest Dawn

medium light blue eyes

My husband and I both have dark brown eyes. Our son was born with dark blue/greyish eyes and at 1 month, they changed to a medium to light blue. He is 5 months old now and they are still as blue as they were at 1 month! I hope they stay cause they are beautiful and I haven't seen any hint of another color.
—Guest Sarah

Changing Eyes

My husband and I have dark brown eyes. Our son was born with blue eyes. When he was one, they changed to bright green, then at three they turned hazel brown. We have a daughter that is five months and her eyes are grey. I wonder what color they will be since it took three years for our sons to stop changing...
—Guest Jessica


Our twins both have beautiful eye colors. The girl's eyes were hazel at birth, but gradually got lighter. She is now 15 and has golden eyes, like real gold! Her brother was born with burgundy eyes. They looked so beautiful! But then they started turning lighter, and now he has reddish-purple eyes at 15! What's really strange is that my husband and I are both Hispanic and brown eyes are our whole family's eye color!


My 1st son had dark brown eyes; 2nd born with dark blue, then turned to sky blue and now 8yrs green/grey/amber; 3rd has dark grey eyes don't - know if they are going to stay.
—Guest Mary

Brown eyes dominant

So it sounds like once a baby's eyes turn brown they are unlikely to change. My oldest son was born with dark blue eyes and they changed to dark, dark brown (like mine. My husband has lighter brown eyes) at 2 months. My youngest son was also born with dark blue eyes and at 2 months he had one blue eye and one dark brown with a blue section. At 8 months he still has 2 different colored eyes. Reading the other responses, it sounds likely that his light eye could still change up to 3 years old! Too bad. I really hope they'll stay different. They are gorgeous!
—Guest LB

Child I eyes change colors

I have brown eyes. Her white father has green eyes that seem to change colors. My daughter is biracial and her eyes were blueish/grey, then grey after 6 months. They turn to a brown, which turn to a sable brown when she cries.
—Guest Brenda

Colour changer

My daughter was born with typical dark blue eyes. They have changed back and forth between dark grey and blue. She now has brown coming in around the pupils. I'm pretty sure being that her dad and I both have brown eyes, that will be the dominant gene. It's hard to tell though, we have a variety on both sides of the family. I didn't realize that the eyes could continue to change for years!
—Guest Stargazer

Eyes changing color

My baby had very light blue eyes at birth. The doctor said that after the age of one, more then likely, they would not change, but when she was four they changed to green.
—Guest laura

brown turning to dark green brown

My daughter had black eyes with a little bit of grey when she was born. They turned to brown, but now that she is 1 month old baby, its seems like they are turning green. I hope she will have green eyes because her father has green-blue eyes and I have dark brown. Does anybody know if they will turn green when she gets older?
—Guest lalal4

Wild Eye Colors

My husband has brown and I have hazel eyes (green/brown with dark rims). My daughter's eyes are like mine. I think they started sort of bluish and over the first few months started to take on more of a hazel look. I think hers are lighter than mine. She is 6 years old now and they're still a lovely hazel. My son was born with dark murky gray-blue eyes and they have gotten lighter. He is now four months old and his eyes seem to have a different hue depending on the light. I'd say they're gray, light in the center with dark rims. I have no idea what color they will be when he's a year old.
—Guest MomofEvvyandJack

hazel/green eyes

I have light brown eyes & my kids father has green eyes. Our first baby was born with grey eyes that turned green at 5mo & now still look grey - out lined with green then almost yellowish brown. We now have a one month old born with brown eyes, I wonder if they will change. My husband, his sister, & grandma all have green but his parents brown, & me and my other son have the honey eyes & my lil sis had green also. Who knows??
—Guest Morena Mostfirme


My son, Ronnie III, is now 4 yrs. old & was born with grey eyes. His eyes turned green around 9 months. I just had a daughter 11 days ago & her eyes are grey too. I'm thinking her's will turn blue, but who knows. Daddy is African-American & I'm African-American/White, so I'm assuming that my genes are more dominant since everyone on my dad's side has blue or green eyes.
—Guest Alina

my 3kids eyes

My 1st born had dark blue eyes at birth. She now has light blue eyes and is 3. My 2nd born has dark brown eyes and thwy changed when he was about 3 months. My daughter was born with dark blue eyes, and now they've turned a medium greeny blue when she was 6 months. I have dark brown and my partner has hazel. I'm sure somewhere eye color skips a generation.
—Guest naz

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