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Readers Respond: When did your baby's eyes change color?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Dark blue/gray eyes

My son is almost 6 months old and his eyes are a dark blue/gray color. I love them!!! But mine and the father's are both brown. I hope they stay this way, but I'm still like ???
—Guest Courtney

Blue to Black Eyes

My little girl was born with grayish blue eyes. At age 1, we were convinced they were hazel-greenish amber. She is 2 and now they are dark brown, almost black!!
—Guest dad

Born with Blue now Hazel at 15 months

My son was born with light blue eyes. Around 6 months they turned light green. At around a year they turned hazel and now at 15 months they are still hazel-looking. They are brown mostly, but bright green if he cries or if he is in the sunlight. I still wonder if they will be fully brown in another year. My husband and I both have brown eyes, but each strongly carry the blue eyed gene. Hazel eyes run on my dads side too, so who knows...
—Guest mammaliz

Brown eyed parents, blue eyed daughter

My husband and I both have brown eyes. Our daughter was born with the most amazing dark blue eyes that gradually got lighter. At the age of 5, they are still a steel blue. We just had a little boy and would love to know what color his eyes will be as they seem to change every day - sometimes they are really blue, sometimes gray and other days they look brown.
—Guest Fee

eye colour

My son was born with light blue eyes. They didn't change to the dark brown color that he has now until he was 3 YEARS old. We were surprised when they changed!
—Guest gamelia

My son's eyes

My twins were both born with really dark blue eyes, but after a few days they started changing to a striking steel blue. They've stayed that color in my daughter, but my son's eyes have started turning green at 12 months.
—Guest Tzofi

Eye Color

I have a son who is 2 and 1/2 months old and his eyes are starting to get a lighter and brighter blue. My husband has blue eyes and my mom has blue eyes, but I have hazel-green eyes. In pictures, my eyes were blue until I was 2! My husband is color blind and one of his eyes is darker than the other!


My own eyes were blue, started to turn sort of a bluish gray, then turned into a bluish green when I was about six or seven years old. They became more of a solid green when I was 22 years old. I just felt like sharing, because I think that's odd and no one else posted anything like that.
—Guest Ash

eye color changes

Both of my girls had dark gray/blue eyes at birth. They gradually changed to a very dark brown / almost black color, which have continued to lighten into their early adult years...they both have those intense, mysterious dark eyes that still glint with mischief. Lol! My granddaughter was born 9 days ago to the oldest of my brown-eyed girls. I had always believed that every newborn had either blue or gray (or some combination thereof) at birth. Much to my surprise, she was born with brown eyes. Not a tiny hint of gray or blue. I felt this was unusual, but interesting. Has anyone ever had this experience or know someone who has? Strange, but true. ;)
—Guest Bren


Never. Both of my kids were born with blue eyes and they stayed that way.
—Guest KC

Rebuttal: incorrect info

Our first son had slate gray eyes at birth, and 16 months later he has really light, icy blue eyes. Eyes absolutely get lighter, no matter what experts say...
—Guest Paul b

Baby's Eye Color

Evie is only six weeks old, but is already getting spots and flecks of brown in her eyes. They were blue at birth, then darkened to a greenish gray after a week or two. I think she will end up with brown eyes, as we both have dark eyes.

Baby's Eyes Changing Color

My son was born with bright blue eyes that changed 3 days after he was born to a grayish blue. I'm wondering if he's going to have brown or maybe green eyes ,or if they will stay this color.
—Guest New Momtoson

Eye Color Change

All of my sons were born with gray eyes that then changed to a beautiful light brown, except for my 5 month old. He looks like he is getting his daddy's eyes, which are hazel!!! I have light brown eyes. His eyes are so beautiful right now - hopefully they wont change . He had a very beautiful light gray color for a while, but it seems like they can changes so quickly.
—Guest kRYSTAL

When did your baby's eyes change color?

Our daughter had blue eyes until she was 14 months old, when they turned green. Within a couple of more months they turned a golden brown, a lovely color that she still has at 26 years of age!
—Guest Sara

Parents Respond

When did your baby's eyes change color?

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