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Readers Respond: When did your baby's eyes change color?

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Updated April 22, 2009

Baby's Eyes Changing Color

My son was born with bright blue eyes that changed 3 days after he was born to a grayish blue. I'm wondering if he's going to have brown or maybe green eyes ,or if they will stay this color.
—Guest New Momtoson

Eye Color Change

All of my sons were born with gray eyes that then changed to a beautiful light brown, except for my 5 month old. He looks like he is getting his daddy's eyes, which are hazel!!! I have light brown eyes. His eyes are so beautiful right now - hopefully they wont change . He had a very beautiful light gray color for a while, but it seems like they can changes so quickly.
—Guest kRYSTAL

When did your baby's eyes change color?

Our daughter had blue eyes until she was 14 months old, when they turned green. Within a couple of more months they turned a golden brown, a lovely color that she still has at 26 years of age!
—Guest Sara

color change

My daughter Giselle was born with blue eyes. She's two now and her eyes are green/hazel. I have brown eyes and my husband's are green/hazel. We just had a boy and he was born with blue eyes, but he's six months old now and they are turning green already. I don't know if they'll keep changing...
—Guest Michelle G.


Our daughter was born with very dark blue/grey eyes. She is now 16 months and her eyes are just a lighter version of what they were at birth (a steel blue). The weird thing is, her daddy and I both have Hazel eyes! I wonder if they can still change?
—Guest Tiffany

Half blue / half hazel

My daughter was born with grey/blue eyes. Have a picture of her around 4 months that shows her one eye half blue and half hazel! Her eyes really didn't stop changing until she was over one year old.
—Guest Nicole

babys green eyes

my daughter eyes turned from dark blue to green around 4 to 5 months old
—Guest jenny

Different colours

Currently our son, who's just coming up to 3 months old, has one eye slightly darker than the other - both are basically blue (like his sister and mother's eyes, I have brown and green in mine), we're wondering if they will equalize. It's only noticeable if you look closely - strangely enough, we do!

Colour changed

My daughter was born with dark blue eyes. They started to change to grey/green around 4 months. At 13 months they have started to look more hazel/brown in colour. I was hoping that at 12 months they would not change colour anymore, but I was wrong!
—Guest Sue


Our daughter had blue eyes forever so we thought they would stick. Then, around eight months, they began to seem more green. Don't get me wrong, we think she is beautiful either way, but we thought it would be neat if she had blue eyes.
—Guest JBMom2

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