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Readers Respond: Treating Coughs and Colds

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Updated December 30, 2009

From the article: Croup
Most experts now recommend that parents not give cough and cold medicines to younger children, especially those under two to four years old. With few medical options left, what do you do when your kids have a cold? Do you use a steamy shower, cool mist humidifier, or just tough it out?

Croup remedies

Two of my children had croup and I used a vaporizer in the bedroom, but for the extreme croup, the best remedy is cold air. I used to wrap my son in blankets and take him outside and walk around until his airways opened up. Even opening a window helps.
—Guest Nana

Thank You!

My children have suffered from croup over the years and Doctors never have the time to explain it so throughly. I knew how to treat at home and when to seek a Doctor's help. now I have a better understanding of the virus. Thank you ! Also I have found that Ricola cough drops help more than any other if you can get the child to use them.
—Guest Shelley

Take the Child Out to Cold Air

Our pediatrician is very experienced and he advised us to promptly take the child outside (if the air is colder outside) or jsut open the freezer and let the child breath in the cold air. It works fast and it relieves the cough very fast if your child has croup.
—Guest neverke

Outside works miracles

I just open the front door and less than a minute the cough goes away. If it's too cold, take them to the garage. You can try to sit them upright and use a cool mist humidifier, but outside works best! Especially in Spring and Fall.
—Guest Talia

Cough without supressants

We are trying Ventolin with a doctor's prescription. It is working, but I don't know its side effects on an 18 month old.
—Guest Nadine

Dexamethasone for Croup

Dexamethasone is a steroid that doctors give to help open up airways by reducing the swelling when kids have croup. My 18 month old boy kept having croup, and this steroid really helped him to breath. Also, steam works in mild cases. Regular saline drops help to clean nose up. Health to you all.
—Guest gaia

Can cough mess help

If I give my son cough medicine will it be more harmful? This is the third time getting croup
—Guest Jennifer

treatment of croup

6 month old with seal like cough which occurs periodicly during the day and at nite
—Guest Becky Robertson

Info on Croup

This was appropriately informative and thorough, allowing us to know the steps to take.
—Guest Tina Souza

what I do about coughs.

We just tough it out, but my daughter has been coughing for several nights now. I'm going to start using a humidifier.

Chronic cough

My son get croup a lot. We use a humidifier and saline drops. He hates the drops, but he knows they work so we get through it. Also, a warm bath with a soothing baby soap is helpful.
—Guest Kellie


My little boy has had croup on and off for a few months and we have been giving two different types of inhalers but i think steam works best. Turn all hot taps on in your bathroom and close the door or put his head over the sink with a towel over him and it should stop or make it better .
—Guest C L Lacey

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