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Your Baby Week Twenty Three


Updated July 16, 2014

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Changing Pediatricians
A new pediatrician may have a different philosophy, style, or may be more available.

A new pediatrician may have a different philosophy, style, or may be more available, making a change a good idea for your family.

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Parents use a lot of different methods when choosing a pediatrician for their baby.

Some ask for recommendations from their friends or their obstetrician, then interview multiple pediatricians before making a choice.

Others simply use the pediatrician who is on call in the hospital when their baby is born, choose someone from their insurance plan, or pick a name out of the phone book.

Whatever method you used may leave you feeling like you should have done a little more homework if you don't like your current pediatrician.

While most parents like to think that they are looking for a good pediatrician, you are mostly looking for a pediatrician who is good for you and your family. And that often comes down to how well your personalities fit together.

Changing Pediatricians

Although you may sometimes need to change pediatricians because you feel like your child isn't getting good care, it will more often be because of something about your doctor's style that you don't like. Maybe he is too informal, doesn't support things you want to do, or just doesn't seem very available when your child is sick. Or, perhaps there's something about your pediatrician's staff, waiting times, or billing department that you don't like.

Whatever it is, if you like most things about your pediatrician, you might consider talking to your pediatrician or someone in his office before making the switch.

Choosing a New Pediatrician

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child's care be uninterrupted, so changing pediatricians multiple times is likely not a good idea. It may also leave you with a disrupted immunization schedule and make it harder to track your child's growth and development over time. That can make it important to find a better fit for you and your child when you choose your new pediatrician.

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