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Your Baby Week Twenty Six


Updated June 12, 2014

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Baby To Do List - Register Your Car Seat

Everything you buy seems to come with a registration card these days, including toys, household products, and baby products.

Although many people throw away the registration card, along with the packaging that came with whatever they bought, it is important to keep in mind that sending in your registration card and registering your product is a good way to make sure that the manufacturer can contact you if there is a recall.

When you consider missing a recall, sending in your registration card is especially important for products that you use with your baby, including your baby's car seat.

Registering Your Car Seat

Registering your baby's car seat is as easy as sending in the postage-paid, self-addressed, registration card that came with your car seat.

If you have lost the card, you should be able to get a new car seat registration form from the manufacturer of your child's car seat or from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Most car seat manufacturers even let you register your car seat online, including:

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