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Your Baby Week Thirteen (Three Months Old)


Updated May 16, 2014

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Baby Products Safety - Strollers
A baby carriage can be a good alternative to a stroller that doesn't recline for younger infants.

A baby carriage can be a good alternative to a stroller that doesn't recline or fit an infant carrier for younger infants that don't have good head control yet.

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Whether you have a $800 to $1,000 Stokke or Bugaboo stroller or a much less expensive $40 to $50 stroller, you will likely get a lot of use out of your baby's stroller in her first few years.

Keep in mind that not all strollers are designed to be used with young infants. In fact, those that don't fully recline likely shouldn't be used for infants less than six months old since they don't have good head control yet. A travel system or seat-carrier frame that allow you to use your baby's car seat can be a good alternative at this age. A carriage or combination carriage/stroller are other options.

Some safety tips when using a baby stroller include that you:

  • Read the instructions carefully so that you assemble your stroller properly.
  • Review the height and weight limits for your baby's stroller, understanding that strollers may have a 35- to 50-pound weight limit, depending on which one you have.
  • Secure your baby into the stroller using its harness straps.
  • When used in a reclined position, be sure to cover the leg openings so that your baby can't slip out.
  • Avoid attaching cups to the stroller since they can easily spill and burn your child.
  • Lock the brakes on your baby's stroller when you aren't moving and never leave your baby alone in her stroller.
  • Keep your baby's fingers away from the stroller when you open and close it so that they don't get pinched.
  • Be sure to lock or latch the stroller open once you unfold it.
  • Do not put any heavy objects on the handlebars, which can cause the stroller to tip backwards.
  • Protect your baby from the sun, wind, or insects by using a canopy, removable cover, sunscreen, and insect repellent on your baby when she's in the stroller.
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