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Your Baby Week Sixteen


Updated January 20, 2013

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Safety Alert - Traveling with your Baby
Traveling these days can be frustrating - don't add to it by taking chances with your baby's safety.

Traveling these days can be frustrating enough - don't add to it by taking chances with your baby's safety and letting him get hurt.

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As your baby gets older, you may be taking her out in public more and may even consider traveling now.

Is that OK?

Probably. In your baby's third month, her immune system is getting stronger and she likely already got her first set of vaccines, and so has some protection against some germs.

You still want to be safe though. Taking a vacation doesn't mean that you should take a break from recommended safety practices.

In addition to continuing to use a car seat, putting your baby to sleep on her back in a crib, not leaving your baby where she could fall, keep these safety tips in mind when traveling with your baby:

  • consider bringing your own babyproofing equipment with you, including electrical outlet covers, doorknob covers or gates to make sure your hotel room or wherever you are staying is safe and childproofed
  • use your own travel crib or make sure that a crib or play yard provided to you meets all the latest crib safety standards
  • bring sunscreen, insect repellent, diaper rash cream, and other supplies that you may need
  • know where to find a doctor, including the local Children's Hospital, near where you are visiting, just in case your baby gets sick on your trip
  • try to travel during off-peak hours (early morning, middle of the week), when places may be less crowded

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