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Your Baby Week Six


Updated July 16, 2014

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Two products that claim to help babies with colic.

Dr. Brown's bottles and Avent nipples are two products that claim to help babies with colic.

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Unfortunately, even after three or four weeks of symptoms, colic isn't going away yet for most babies.

In fact, symptoms are often peaking at six weeks, which means that this may be the worst week you have had so far.

That may mean more fussiness, more crying, and less sleep for mom and dad. On the other hand, since symptoms are peaking, that means that your baby's colic should be getting better after this week. And colic symptoms should eventually be gone by the time your baby is three, or at the most four, months old.

Remember that although often blamed on digestive problems or formula allergies, colic is likely a normal developmental stage that some newborns go though. Some experts describe it as a baby's way of blowing off steam.

Treatments for Colic

As you have likely found out by now, despite what the most popular parenting books of the day may claim, no single calming technique works for everyone. Most infants like to be swaddled or rocked, while others enjoy being sung to or going for a walk. You may just have to learn what works best for your baby.

If you have no idea where to get started, one of the many 'fussy baby' books, such as The Happiest Baby on the Block or The Fussy Baby Book, will likely be helpful for you or review these other things to do when you have a baby crying.

What about changing bottles, nipples, or even formula brand or type? While those techniques may help if your baby has gas and gas pain or a formula intolerance, it likely won't help if your baby has colic.

Parents with babies that have colic often try treatments such as Hyland's Colic Tablets and gripe water. But keep in mind that these are homeopathic remedies, are not FDA regulated, and have not been medically proven to help colic.

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