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Updated: August 13, 2006

Q. My 2 year old daughter stays constipated and her doctor told me that 1 bm every 2 to 3 days is normal. Could she have an intolerance to milk? Sould I put her on soy milk or keep her on cows milk? She will sit on the pot for up to a minute and just have really hard pellet or really large bm. Tammy, Center, Tx

A. Having a bowel movement every two or three days can be normal if it is normal when it finally passes. If it is firm and large or a hard little pellet, then she is likely constipated.

Milk problems, such as an intolerance or simply drinking too much milk, can cause constipation, so a switch to soy milk is often helpful when children are constipated. Other helpful diet tips can be to include extra fluid and fiber in her diet and avoid constipating foods.

For more information, see our constipation category, with information about the diagnosis and treatment of children who are constipated.

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