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Poisonous Plants

Expert Q&A


Updated March 28, 2011

Q. My son ate a berry off the Aristocrat pear tree. Will it hurt him? Heather, KY

A. I couldn't find the Aristocrat pear tree on any list of poisonous plants, so probably not.

In situations like this, you could always call poison control if your child ingests something and you are concerned that is may be poisonous.

Surprisingly, many household plants and ornamental plants are poisonous. For example, eating a few berries of the plant 'Daphne' can be fatal.

Fortunately, you have to ingest large amounts of most other plants for them to be poisonous.

It is still important to know what plants might be poisonous in and around your home and you might what to avoid those that are poisonous if you have kids when you are thinking about landscaping. These websites provide comprehensive lists of poisonous plants:

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