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Nestle NAN Baby Formula

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Updated July 16, 2014

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Q. We just came back from Guatemala with our adopted daughter who is 6 months old. They were giving her Nestle NAN infant formula.

Does Nestle have NAN formula in the US? If not what formula should I change her to? Neal, Louisville, MS

A. NAN is an infant formula that is made by Nestle, which also makes Good Start Essentials and Good Start Supreme formula. It is mostly marketed to Hispanic parents in Latin America. Keep in mind that it is not the same as Good Start Supreme. In addition to having a different name, it is made with a different mix of milk proteins. Instead of the 100% whey 'comfort proteins' that Good Start Supreme has, NAN is made with a combination of whey and casein milk proteins. It is basically the same as the older Good Start Essentials line of baby formula made by Nestle.

NAN is also available in the United States and is sold in many grocery stores, but mainly in regions that have a large Hispanic population. If you can not find it in a store near where you live, you could buy it online at drugstore.com or consider asking your local grocery store to order it for you.

Or since they are basically the same formula, you might just start feeding her Nestle Good Start Essentials baby formula, which should be more widely available in the United States.

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