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Useful pediatric tools, including polls, growth charts, body mass index calculators, height predictors and other resources to help you care for your kids.
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Height Comparison Calculator
This Height Comparison Calculator makes it easy to see how your child's predicted height compares to everyone else (or enter your own height to see how your compare to the average adult).

Calorie Calculator
Our Calorie Calculator will help you determine how many calories that you and your kids need each day.

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator
Choose a restaurant(s) to compare the nutrition facts of the meals you and your kids eat and find out how many calories and how much fat are in your fast food meals.

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Dosage Calculator
This Tylenol Dosage Calculator can help you to find the dose of Tylenol for your child when he has pain or a fever and help to avoid overdosages and underdosages when giving your kids medicine.

Popular Baby Names for Boys and Girls
Find baby names from our list of the most popular names of 2002 for your baby girl or boy.

Body Mass Index Calculator
Are your kids over or underweight? Using our body mass index calculator, you can figure out if your child is at an appropriate weight for his or her height. The BMI calculator also works for adults!

Parenting Milestones Calculator
How old will you be at each major stage in your child's life? Our parenting milestones calculator can help you figure out how old you will be at each major milestone in your child's life, such as potty training, learning to drive, having a grandchild, etc.

Kid's Height Predictor
Parents often have questions about how tall their kids will be. To predict your child's future height based on his genetic potential (which is based on his parent's midparental height), fill in the following form with the height of each of the child's birth parents.

Kids Growth Chart Percentiles Calculator
These percentile calculators can help you see where your kids are on the growth charts and how they are growing compared to other children.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator
Parents often wonder if their children are overweight, underweight or just right. Using our ideal body weight calculator, you can figure out if your child is at an appropriate weight for his or her height. The ideal body weight calculator also works for adults!

Teen Quiz - Am I Fat?
Do you have a teen who thinks they are fat even though it seems like they are at a healthy weight? If so, you might sit down with them and take our new quiz - Am I Fat?

Kids' Allowance Calculator
A regular allowance is a good way to teach your child about money. This calculator will help you figure out an appropriate allowance for your child. It uses Consumer Price Index historical data to help you compare your child's allowance to the amount that you got when you were a kid! How much allowance should your kids get?

Baby Center Tools and Calculators
Great tools, including a due date calculator, pregnancy calendar, birth plan, childcare finder, baby calendar, growth percentile calculator, developmental assessment worksheet, and doctor visit worksheets to help you prepare for your well child visits.

Kids' Health Report Card
Grade your child's health, including their body mass index, activity level, and diet, with this new Kids' Health Report Card.

Pediatric Tools
Useful pediatric tools, including a BMI calculator, polls, height predictor, message forums, vaccine scheduler, baby names guide, growth charts, lead screening quiz and online survey.

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