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Starting Solid Foods

Information about starting your infant on solid baby foods, such as an iron fortified cereal, fruits, vegetables, meats and finger foods.
  1. Baby Food

Parenting Tips
Submit your parenting tips for coping with common parenting issues and problems related to starting to solid foods. What worked for you?

Starting Baby Cereal
Review how to recognize if your baby is ready to start eating solid baby foods and how to get started feeding your baby infant cereal.

Breastfeeding and Starting Solid Foods
Why should you start your baby on solids? When should you begin? Which foods should you give first? Get the answers in this article on starting solid foods.

Baby Food Stages and Steps
Review the ages, stages, and steps, at which your baby can eat each type of baby food.

Starting Solid Food
When to start your baby on solid foods, with tips on preparing, storing and serving baby's first foods.

Homemade Baby Food Recipes
Homemade baby and toddler food sites with information and recipes. Consult your pediatrician for appropriate dietary guidelines and timing of solid foods for your child.

Where Can I Find Baby Food Recipes?
Answers to your frequently asked questions about cooking for your family. In this answer, find out where to find baby food recipes.

Starting Solids Guide
Starting your baby on solid foods is the beginning of lifelong eating habits that contribute to his or her overall health. For this reason we have some general guidelines, including what to do if your infant is at risk of food allergies, that can help you start your baby out on the right track to a healthy life.

Starting Finger Foods
Learn when and how to start your baby on finger foods.

Feeding Guide for the First Year
A feeding guide for your baby's first year, including foods to avoid and the amounts of breast milk, formula, cereal, fruits, vegetables and meats that you should be giving each month.

Beech Nut Baby Food
Information on Beech Nut baby foods, including cereal, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 foods.

Feeding Baby Safely
Tips and precautions to make sure that you are feedin your baby safely, including avoiding high levels of nitrates in home-prepare beets, carrots, collard greens, turnips, or spinach.

Introducing Solid Foods
Advice about starting solid foods from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Gerber Baby Foods
A commercial site from Gerber, but includes a lot of good information on solid foods, including when to feed cereal, 1st foods, 2nd foods, and 3rd foods, plus nutrition facts on each of their baby foods.

Starting Solid Basics
Baby feeding and nutrition highlights, such as when you can start feeding your baby solids, why you shouldn't start too soon, plus tips and tricks for introducing solids.

Making Baby Food
Learn when to introduce solid baby foods and how to make your own homemade baby foods, including safe preparation and storage and baby food recipes.

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