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Brain Tumor Symptoms - Screening Quiz

Does your child have any symptoms of a brain tumor?

Brain Tumor Symptoms - Resources:

Brain tumors are serious. Fortunately, parents worrying about brain tumors is far more common than actually having a child with a brain tumor. Still, since headaches, a common brain tumor symptom, are very common in kids, it is important to learn about brain tumor symptoms so that you don't worry unnecessarily and so that you don't miss an important symptom.

  • Medical Symptom Checker - Search for common symptoms that may affect your child.

  • Childhood Cancers - Learn more about common cancers that can affect children, including Leukemia, Lymphoma, Bone Cancer, Liver Cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, and Other Cancers.

  • Brain Tumor Symptoms - Learn about common brain tumor symptoms and signs, such as headaches, vomiting, personality or mood changes, and seizures, etc.

  • General Symptoms of a Brain Tumor
    Review brain tumor symptoms from the American Brain Tumor Association.

  • National Cancer Institute
    What You Need To Know About Brain Tumors.

  • Brain Tumor Parent Information
    Information about brain tumors from St. Jude Hospital.

  • Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation
    The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation was founded by families, friends & physicians of children with brain tumors. They raise funds for research to improve prognosis for children with cancerous brain tumors.

  • Pediatric Problem Solver - Use our parenting problem solver to help you find medical and parenting advice and information.

  • Migraine Headaches in Children - Headaches, a symptom of brain tumors, are very common in children, especially those who are at risk for migraines.

  • Parenting Avice - Information and advice on dealing with common parenting issues and problems, including nutrition, growth, development, sibling rivalry, potty training, getting your child to sleep all night, and managing behavior problems and temper tantrums.

  • Symptom Checker - Review this list of common pediatric symptoms, including cough, diarrhea, ear aches, fever, sore throat, snoring, and vomiting.

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