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School Performance Problems

Learn what you should do when your child begins to underperform at school, either stuggling to learn, failing classes or getting in a lot of trouble.

Learning Disability Screening Quiz
Does your child have a learning disability? Try our learning disability screening quiz to see if your child has unexpected problems learning to read, write, listen, speak, or do math, and needs testing for a learning disability.

ADHD Treatment Guidelines
This policy statement from the AAP offers standarized guidelines for the treatment of school aged children with ADHD, including the use of stimulant medications and/or behavior therapy.

School Performance Problems
Sorting out the cause of a child's school problems can be difficult, but the earlier you get started looking into the cause of your child's school problems and getting him help, the more likely he is to be successful.

Poor Report Cards - What to Do
What parents can do when their child brings home a poor report card.

Dysgraphia is a type of learning disability in which children have problems with writing, including handwriting and spelling.

Dyscalculia is a type of learning disability in which children have problems with math.

Dyspraxia is a type of learning disability in which children have problems with motor skill development, especially fine motor skills.

How a Pediatrician Can Help With School Problems
Discusses how your Pediatrician might be able to help you sort out your child's school problems.

Overcoming Underachieving
A guide to understanding your children's school problems, which may be from difficulty paying attention, processing information, or thinking.

School Performance Problems
Reviews some of the common reasons why children might underperform at school, including a lack of motivation, ADHD, LDs, emotional or behavior problems, mental retardation, anxiety, and depression.

School Problems
Resources to help you find out why your child is having problems at school, including warning signs to look for, common learning disabilities, and common questions and answers from other parents.

School Problems:  It's the Kids' Fault!
Addresses what may be wrong when your child is doing poorly at school.

Schwab Learning
Learn to identify and manage your child's learning problems. Also connect with other parents with children that have similar problems by reading their personal stories and those of kids who grew up with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Section 504 and IDEA
Learn about the similarities and differences between Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Services in School for Children with Special Needs
Learn to understand the laws and what parents can do to get their children evaluated when they begin having problems succeeding at school.

Educational Resources
Educational resources from Disability Rights Texas including their "It's a New IDEA - Parent Education Manual" to help you get your child services under the Individuals with Disablities Education Act and/or Section 504, including parents and students' rights, requesting an ARD meeting, and getting your child an IEP or Individual Education Plan.

When Retention Has Been Recommended
What you should do when it is recommended that your child be left back or repeat a grade.

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