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Updated February 11, 2007

A photo of a child's nose after getting a bitten by a dog. She is ready for surgery.
A child ready for sugery to repair a dog bite.

A child ready for sugery to repair a dog bite.

Photo (c) Vincent Iannelli, MD
This child was attacked by her neighbor's dog who got through their fence.

As many experts report, half of dog bites are from a dog that the child may be familiar with, either the family's own dog or that of a neighbor, as in this case.

In addition to basic first aid and cleaning the wound, your child may need antibiotics, a tetanus shot, and/or rabies vaccination after a dog bite. You should seek immediate medical attention for multiple or serious bites, especially in younger children and bites that involve your child's head and neck, such as this dog bite on this young girl's nose.

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