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Recall List - Resale Round-up

Product Recalls


Updated September 02, 2009

Being aware of recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission can help you to keep unsafe products away from your kids. Unfortunately, many dangerous products on their recall list continue to be sold at garage sales, resale stores, and on the internet, and parents sometimes miss the original recall announcement. This resale round-up is designed to raise awareness about these previously recalled products so that you can get them out of your home and don't try to buy or sell a recalled product at a garage sale, thrift store, or on ebay, etc.

Playskool Travel-Lite Play Yards

Originally recalled in 1993 because the CPSC reports that 'if the side rails of the portable crib fold during use, an infant can become entrapped and suffocate.' Three deaths have been reported in infants using these play yards, a commonly used baby product.

Evenflo Happy Camper Play Yards

Three children died using these recalled Evenflo Happy Camper Play Yards on the recall list.
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
The Evenflo Happy Camper Play Yards was recalled in 1997 because it could collapse and trap a child. Also, its plastic hinges could crack and break, on which a child could cut himself and which allowed the child to escape the play yard. Three children died in these play yards.

Baby Trend Home and Roam and Baby Express Portable Cribs and Play Yards

At least six children have died in recalled Baby Trend Home and Roam and Baby Express Portable Cribs
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
These portable cribs and play yards were originally recalled in 1995 because they could collapse and entrap an infant, which resulted in at least six deaths.

Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets

The Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets were recalled because their tiny magnets can fall out and be swa
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
At least one child has died and another twenty-seven were seriously injured after swallowing the tiny magnets from these older Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets.

Easy Bake Ovens

Easy Bake Ovens were recalled after 249 children reported getting their hands caught in the oven's f
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
Easy Bake Ovens were recalled in 2007 after 77 children were burned (16 had 2nd and 3rd degree burns) because they got their hand caught in the front opening.

Polly Pocket Dolls with Magnets

Polly Pocket Dolls with magnets were recalled because children could swallow the small magnets, whic
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
About 7.3 million Polly Pocket Dolls and Play Sets were recalled in 2006 and 2007 because small magnets inside the dolls and play set accessories could come loose. As with the Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets, if children swallow more than one of these magnets, it could cause an intestinal perforation or blockage.

Simplicity Drop Side Cribs

Ten infants have died when the drop side has detached in these Simplicity Cribs.
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
These Simplicity cribs were first recalled in 2007, and include Aspen and Crib N Changer Combo, Gabrielle, Camille, Providence and Shenandoah cribs.

Simplicity Bassinets

At least three deaths are linked to these Simplicity bassinets.
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
These Simplicity 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible bassinets were originally recalled in August 2008 after it was discovered that infants could become entrapped between the bassinet's metal bars.

Hill Sportswear hooded drawstring sweatshirts

A three year old died when the drawstring on this hooded sweatshirt got stuck on a play ground set.
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
These hooded sweatshirts were recalled in 2009 because they have drawstrings through the hood, which is a risk for strangulation. Parents should either remove this drawstring or return the sweatshirts for a refund.

Evenflo Envision High Chairs

The Evenflo Envision High Chair seatback can detach or recline unexpectedly, which has resulted in a
Photo courtesy of the CPSC
About 643,000 Evenflo Envision High Chairs were recalled in 2009 because the recline fasteners and metal screws can fall out, allowing the seatback to detach or recline unexpectedly.
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