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Bunn Home Coffeemakers



Updated February 10, 2010

Bunn-O-Matic Corp. Expands Recall of Home Coffeemakers Due to Burn and Fire Hazards
Bunn Home Coffeemakers

Bunn Home Coffeemakers

Bunn-O-Matic Corp., of Springfield, Ill. is recalling about 561,000 Bunn home coffeemakers because "the coffeemaker's plastic pour-in bowl and lid can melt or ignite due to an electrical failure, posing burn and fire hazards to consumers."

Although no injuries have been reported yet, the CPSC has reported 37 reports (including 17 from an earlier recall) of the plastic pour in bowl melting or igniting.

According to the CPSC recall alert, "the recall involves Bunn home coffeemakers with model numbers GR-10B, GR-10W, B-10B, B-10W, and BT-10B (including any of those same model numbers ending in the additional letter D) with six-digit date codes (1) ending in "04" with the two middle digits between "21" and "52" or (2) ending in "05" with the two middle digits between "01" and "40". (If the date code has a seventh digit, consumers should ignore the last digit and use the first six digits.) The model number and date code are stamped on a small white or silver sticker on the bottom of the coffeemaker. The 10-cup Bunn coffeemakers have either a black or white plastic base and top, and measure 14 3/4-inches high by 7-inches wide by 13 1/4 -inches deep. The word "BUNN®" is printed on the front of the machine in chrome."

If you have one of the recalled coffeemakers, (be sure to unplug your coffeemaker and allow it to cool for at least three hours before checking the model number) contact www.regcen.com for information on how to get your coffeemaker repaired.

For more information, see the full CPSC press release...

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