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Recall Email Alerts

Recalls and Safety Alerts


Updated July 06, 2011

A recall alert notice can help you get unsafe products out of your home.

A recall alert notice can help you get unsafe products out of your home, but only if you know about it.

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It seems like there is a new recall just about everyday.

From food recalls because of Salmonella contamination to unsafe baby products, it can likely seem hard to keep tract of them all and make sure you are keeping your family safe from recalled products in your home.

Although you may learn about these recall alerts from the nightly news, your favorite website, or on Facebook, they can be easy to miss, since they are often popular in the media for a very short time.

Recall Email Alerts

One of the best ways to get news of recalls is to sign up for recall email alerts from agencies that actually issues the recalls, including the:

Product Registration

It is also a very good idea to register for products when you buy them, especially baby products and other products for your kids.

If you have sent in your product registration card or have registered online, if the product is recalled, such as a car seat, then they can easily notify you personally.

Since getting a recall notice from the company has been shown to improve the effectiveness of a recall, registering your product and getting a recall notification can be a good way to make sure you follow through and fix or get rid of the recalled product.


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