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Puberty in Boys and Girls

Did you think puberty was tough the first time around? Are you ready to go through it again with your kids? Learn to prepare for this important stage in your child's life.
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Puberty Quiz
People often think that puberty is a confusing and stressful time as they go through this stage of life as a child. Unfortunately, it sometimes isn't any less confusing or stressful when it is time to go through it again with your own kids. Take our Puberty quiz to see if you are ready for puberty.

Top 10 Books about Puberty for Boys and Girls
Books to help parents teach and kids learn the normal stages of puberty, when it should start, and when puberty would be considered early or late in boys and girls. Although many of these books are written for children as young as 8 or 9 years, when some begins start puberty, you may want to either read them first so you will be ready to answer any questions they bring up from your kids.

Puberty Poll
When did your kids start puberty? A poll for boys and girls.

When Should Puberty Start?
Puberty usually occurs in a series of stages (tanner stages) between the ages of 8 and 13 for girls and 9 and 14 for boys.

As part of growing up, your teen will go through puberty. Puberty is the time in their lives when their body changes from that of a child to that of an adult. Get information to help you, help them, through this time.

Reviews when puberty should start, the first signs of puberty in boys and girls, and common problems your teens will face as they go through the stages of puberty.

Disorders of Puberty
A technical overview of normal development during puberty, including pictures with the Tanner stages and pubertal milestones for boys and girls, and how a doctor should evaluate a child with abnormal puberty (either early or delayed), including what tests to order.

Puberty 101
Answers common questions about puberty, including those about masturbation, wet dreams, and stages of puberty. Although designed for teens, it can be helpful for parents who are looking for ways to talk about these topics with their children.

Puberty - A Beginner's Guide
Discusses the physical and emotional changes that boys and girls go through when they begin puberty, including signs of reaching puberty and what your children should expect.

Puberty Information for Boys and Girls
American Academy of Pediatrics public education brochure on puberty, including how your child's body will change as he or she enters puberty.

Understanding Puberty
Learn about puberty and how to talk to your child about puberty.

Being a Girl Q&A
Practical information about puberty and health that can help mothers talk to their daughters as they are growing up, including information about stages of development, menstruation, and choosing feminine products.

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