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Poison Control and Poison Prevention

Learn how to prevent poisonings in your home and how to call your local Poison Control center in case your child to ingest a poison, including vitamins, prescription medications, household cleaners, etc.

National Poison Prevention Week
National Poison Prevention Week is observed during the third week of March each year and it's a good to learn to keep your kids safe from poisonings.

Top Household Poisons
Unfortunately, when thinking about their list of top household poisons, parents usually consider only those things that they think are most poisonous, prescription medications, alcohol, and hydrocarbons (gasoline, lamp oil, paint thinner, etc.), even though they may not be among the top ten household poisons that children are exposed to.

When to Call Poison Control
Review when to call poison control and what to do if your child eats, drinks, breaths, or gets a poison on his skin, including some basic first aid measures you can do before calling poison control.

Poison Control for Childhood Poisonings
Your local Poison Control centers is a great resource where you can get help for childhood poisonings.

Medicine Cabinet Clean Out
You can make your medicine cabinet a little safer, and perhaps prevent a poisoning, by doing a clean out of your medicine cabinet and getting rid of OTC and prescription medicines that are expired, not child resistant, or simply not needed anymore.

Poisonous Plants
Learn about houseplants and plants in your landscape that could harm or poison your kids.

Button Batteries - A Hidden Hazard for Kids
You should call National Battery Ingestion Hotline or poison control if you think that your child has swallowed a button battery.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Learn if you need a carbon monoxide detector in your home to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Infant To Do List - Learn Poison Control Number
Learn why learning the number to poison control should be on every parent's to do list.

Important Phone Numbers and Hotlines
Keep this list of important phone numbers, including the number for poison control, handy so you are prepared for emergencies.

Treating and Preventing Venomous Snake Bites
Snake bites are one of the things that you should consider calling poison control for.

Food Poisoning - Food Poisoning Symptoms
Learn the classic symptoms of food poisoning, so that you will know when to suspect when your kids may be sick from eating contaminated food or when they may have a simple stomach virus.

Poison Control Centers
Find your local poison control center and keep the number with a list of other emergency numbers by your phone.

Household Products Database
Find out what's in common household products and what their potential health effects are, and other safety and handling information.

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