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Stranger Danger Quiz

Can your kids recognize strangers?

Strangers and Stranger Danger Resources:

Experts sometimes warn about stranger danger because it can scare kids, many kids don't understand what a stranger actually is, and that it can cause some kids to avoid rescuers when they are lost because they think they are strangers.
  • Child Abduction and Missing Kids - Information on finding missing kids, keeping your kids from getting lost or taken, and nationwide Amber Alert plans.

  • Parental Controls - Parental Control for the Internet - Unfortunately, many of the things your kids can do online and with their cell phones can lead to a lot of trouble if they aren't monitored with parental controls.

  • Think Safety First - In addition to the confusion of having a lot of people around, the breakdown in your usual safety plans can put your kids at great risk when you have visitors, like at a pool party or birthday party. Review how to keep your kids safe in these types of special situations.

  • How Safe is Safe? - Can your child be too safe? Remember that the more chances you take, such as by not using a car seat, having a gun that is loaded and unlocked in the house, or not having a smoke detector, the more likely your child is to be injured or killed by an accident.

  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - Frequently asked questions about child safety and stranger danger..

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