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Resources for children to help them learn about their health, staying healthy, injuries, safety, growing up, and kids' health problems.
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Power of Prevention
This website and program from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists targets sixth grade students to encourage good fitness and nutrition habits.

20 Questions with an Emergency Room Doctor
Questions and answers from an emergency room doctor, including advice for kids who want to be doctors, kinds of injuries children have, and how they can stay safer.

About Childrens Health
Directory of web sites about kids health, plus articles on diverse topics such as exercise, nutrition, brain development, antibiotics, fever, chickenpox and experiments to teach your kids about science.

All About Asthma - PBSkids
All About Asthma is an extension of the ARTHUR Hooray for Health! guide. This piece helps children learn what asthma is, what can trigger asthma attacks, and how to stay active and healthy if they have asthma.

Bandaids & Blackboards
Teach your children about chronic medical problems, including why kids get sick, questions and answers about their bodies, and all about teasing.

Children with Diabetes Children's Corner
Meet kids with diabetes, get tips on making blood tests and shots as easy as possible, diabetes camp and learn about parents' feelings or how diabetes affects your parents.

Explorers' Club
Fun and interesting things for your kids to do as they learn about the environment, including plants, animals, water, air, garbage and recycling.

Kids Health for Kids
An educational resource from the Nemours Foundation to help teach your children about their health and safety.

Mercy Bear's Big Adventure
Virtual tours to explain a visit to the hospital to your child, including same day surgery, exam room visits and overnight stays.

Visiting the Pediatrician
A coloring book that you can print out to help explain to your children what will happen at their next visit to the Pediatrician.

When Someone You Love Is Being Treated for Cancer
National Cancer Institute guide for children who have a family member with cancer, including articles about when a parent has cancer, when a sibling has cancer, advanced cancer, cancer treatments and how your parents feel.

Discovery Kids - Staying Healthy
Discovery Kids helps your kids understand answers to common questions to help them stay healthy, including questions about allergies, sunburn, asthma attacks, high blood pressure, and the difference between a cold and the flu.

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