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Hurricane Katrina Relief

AAP Friends of Children Fund


Updated May 09, 2009

In addition to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and numerous other relief agencies to which you could donate money, the American Academy of Pediatrics has established a relief fund to aid hurricane victims through its Friends of Children Fund.

According to the AAP, all of the money that is contributed to this fund and applied towards hurricane relief 'will go to organizations addressing pediatric relief efforts in consultation with or through AAP Chapters in the overwhelmed areas.'

This may be a good way to specifically help the children affected by the Hurricane Katrina Disaster.

In addition to using this online donation form at the AAP, you can also:

  • Making your donation by phone (888-700-5378) and charging it to your credit card.

  • Donate by mail, making your check payable to AAP Friends of Children Fund marked "Katrina relief" and sending it to:

    American Academy of Pediatrics
    Development Lockbox
    38367 Eagle Way
    Chicago, IL 60678-1383

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