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Learn more about the different types of baby formula that you can feed your infant, including cow's milk based, soy and elemental formulas.
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Choosing a Baby Formula
Although breast milk is a clear first place favorite between formula feeding and breastfeeding, few experts will tell you which brand of formula comes in second. Learn about the different brands and new types of baby formula, including those that have added probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients.

Soy Milk and Soy Baby Formula
Review the indications and possible harmful effects of soy baby formula and why they usually aren't necessary for babies with colic, diarrhea, and premature babies.

Nutramigen and Nutramigen AA
Babies sometimes can't tolerate any of the standard baby formulas, such as Similac Advance, Enfamil Gentlease Lipil, or Nestle Good Start Supreme Soy. They may then need either a hydrolyzed protein formula formula, such as Nutramigen, or an amino acid based formula, like Nutramigen AA.

Baby Formula
Although parents often go down the list, moving from on type of formula to another when their babies continue to not tolerate their formula, it is almost always better to talk to your pediatrician before changing formula.

Parenting Tips
Submit your parenting tips for coping with common issues and problems related to baby food. Have you had to deal with a picky eater or do you make your own baby food? What worked for you?

Baby Formula Choices
Which baby formula for your infant will meet all of his nutritional requirements? Is Store Brand Infant Formula OK?

Baby Formula Slowdown
Review what might cause a five month old baby to start drinking less baby formula.

In addition to DHA and ARA supplemented baby formula, you can now also feed your infant baby food with DHA and ARA. Do your children need these supplements?

Soy Baby Formula and Phytoestrogens
Review when a baby should and should not be given a soy based formula.

Amount of Formula Feedings
Review how much formula your baby should be eating at each feeding.

Bottle Feeding Problems
Review what might cause a baby to scream when she starts to drink a bottle of baby formula.

Nestle NAN Baby Formula
We just came back from Guatemala with our adopted daughter who is 6 months old. They were giving her Nestle NAN infant formula. Does Nestle have NAN formula in the US?

Infant Formula Poll
What brand of formula do you use?

Warming Infant Formula Bottles
Review when you can stop warming your baby's infant formula bottles and why you shouldn't use a microwave oven to heat your baby's bottles.

Enfamil LIPIL - New Infant Formula
Enfamil LIPIL™, by making a formula more like breastmilk, will hopefully give those children who are unable to breastfeed some of the benefits of breastfeeding and help promote their optimal growth and development.

Breast Milk or Formula: Making the Right Choice for Your Baby
Breast Milk or Formula: Learn to make the Right Choice for Your Baby.

Choose a Formula That's Right for You
Get help choosing an infant formula, including the difference between milk and soy based formulas, hypoallergenic formula, cost of formula, and general formula dos and don'ts.

Choosing an Infant Formula
A general overview on choosing among different types and forms of infant formula, when to change formula, sterilizing and cleaning, mixing formula, and warming bottles.

Soy Protein-based Formulas: Recommendations for Use
American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on when to use soy baby formula.

What Every Parent Should Know About Infant Formula
An article with 'evidence demonstrating that commercial infant formulas are simply not good enough' when compared to breastfeeding.

Infant Formula Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions regarding baby formula, infant nutrition, bottle feeding, bottle preparation and temperature, reheating bottles, iron fortified infant formula, and other health questions from the International Formula Council.

Preparing Baby Formula
Can you use warm or hot water from the tap to make your baby's formula? Learn how to safely prepare your baby's formula to help avoid safety hazards and other problems.

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