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Strangulation Hazards

Hidden Dangers


Updated October 28, 2012

Suffocation is a leading cause of accidental death in children.

These suffocation deaths include:

  • strangulation - including strangulation in a window blind cord, clothing with drawstrings, and soccer goal nets, etc.
  • suffocation and strangulation in bed - such as from hanging crib toys or entrapment in a broken crib
  • choking on food
  • choking on non-food items, such as small toys and magnets

Preventing Strangulation

To keep your kids safe and avoid strangulation hazards, it may help to:

  • only put your baby to sleep in a crib that meets all of the current safety standards and remove any item that could pose a choking or strangulation hazard.
  • encourage your kids not to place things around their neck, such as a jump rope, since they can get caught on something, tighten, and pose a strangulation hazard.
  • never tie a pacifier or other item around your infant or toddler's neck.
  • don't dress your children in clothing with long hood or neck drawstrings, since they can get caught on something, tighten, and pose a strangulation hazard. Remove the drawstrings or buy clothing with snaps, velcro, buttons, or elastic instead.
  • keep your child's bed or crib away from any hanging cords, including a window blind cord, baby monitor electrical cord, and even wall decorations with ribbons or streamers that could pose a strangulation hazard.
  • never leave ropes or cords hanging around the house.
  • only let your kids play with age-appropriate toys.
  • remove hanging crib toys from your child's crib before he is able to pull to a standing position.
  • avoid letting your kids play on outdoor playground equipment that has cargo netting with openings that are between 17 and 28 inches, since that is a size that can allow a child's head to get trapped in the net. Netting should either be smaller, so that your child's head can't fit through the net, or much larger, so it can't get trapped.
  • install cordless window coverings in your child's bedroom.
  • replace or repair window blinds that were sold before 1994, as the outer cord of these window blinds ended in a loop that posed a strangulation hazard.
  • replace or repair window blinds that were sold before November 2000, as the inner cord of these window blinds can pose a strangulation hazard if a child pulls on them and the cord forms a loop that can get around their neck.
  • replace Roman shades or roll up blinds that have looped pull cords or exposed inner cords.

It is also important to learn CPR and keep emergency numbers by the phone.


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